Sales Careers In The Construction

UnCategorized When we think of a sales career, we think of selling products like electronic goods or even those pesky telemarketers who are always happy to give you a "fantastic, only for today, only for you" offer. But looking at it in a broader sense, sales play a crucial part in every industry, and in every walk of life; there is always sales involved, and this is how a business is built. However, coming to think of construction industry, people have the image of an engineer going through his blue prints, or skilled craftsmen religiously making sure that the bathroom flooring slopes in the right direction. But one of the most crucial components of the construction industry, which is more often than not neglected, is the sales. Someone might build swanky office complex, a gigantic mall, or a pent house. But all these structures hold no meaning if there are no people interested in buying them. Moreover, these are costly structures to build, and you need to sell all the space, and the facilities that you have created in order to run the business. Even the infrastructure projects, like bridges, sewer systems etc. need to find takers who think in terms of better standard of living, better connectivity, or hygiene standards. There would be no point laying a whole grid of water supply pipelines without actually connecting it to a reliable source of water. Thus, no matter what you are building, you will need to sell it to the people-individuals, corporate world or the government. And this is where the sales people come into the construction industry. Property, either developed, or undeveloped, has a lot of value. Estate developers and real estate agents sell these properties. A sales person in this industry needs to sell both developed, and undeveloped property, as well as new and old property. One of the most important characteristics of this industry is that there is a lot of activity, with high margins during the boom time, but the industry is usually the first to hit, or at times, even cause a recession. A sales agent in the construction industry needs to have special understanding of the demands and the needs of the customers; the reason for this being that industrial premises, houses, shops etc. are not something that people buy everyday. A person has a certain idea, and more likely, certain desires when buying property. A sales agent needs to make sure that he can understand and empathize with the customer, and provide something as close to the dream of the customers, as far as possible. The other important thing is that most of the deals are done via loans, in form of mortgage, or other form of credit. The sales agent needs to make sure that the customer has access to enough funds, and help the customer if he/she is not able to raise the required amount. This is the reason that apart from the construction industry, a sales representative in this industry also needs to have enough know-how of the banking and the mortgage industry. This is one of the few sales jobs in the world where the sales representative need not only sell the product, but also arrange the money for the customer to buy the product. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: