See the signal before the festival, gold price rebound does not

See the signal on the shot before the gold price rally heart gold investment network February 3rd hearing, Monday the price of gold from a broken Yang Bikong up road morning lows near 1117 higher volatility, the evening finished 1130 Tuesday morning near the continuation of last night high shock fall, the Asia Europe plate shock all the way back on the daily five day moving average position 1123 then, stabilized rebound, late re finished 1130.6, two Chonggao also failed to stand, the daily charge high cross stars. The price of gold since the 1046 double bottom rebound, relying on 1047-1058-1071 for the first time the upward trend is ascribed to the high of 1112.7, and the daily experience of 5-7 trading day adjustment. When the price of gold is repeatedly mentioned at the end of August 2015 at the beginning of the September analogy to the market trend, the weekly sun retracement, repeated again after finishing brush highs, relying on the 1071-1083-1093-1108.5 orbit interval upward trend higher. Previous international gold prices have predicted a high rebound point of 1046, 1126-1128 is the first possible position, followed by the limit position is the 1155-1160 region. International gold prices high 1130 two Chonggao is not broken, short in finishing, and the second week the news more, ADP and non-agricultural data for later in the week the market focus. The price of short term gold pays close attention to the lower 1123-1121 line support. Once the position falls, it will deepen the callback, and at the same time pay attention to the 1130-1132 pressing. Today, the gold price can be around 1132-1122 to do within the range of low altitude, and if the short line breaking 1123-1121 will deepen back to step 1115-1112 line. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

节前见此信号就出手 黄金价格反弹不心动   金投网2月3日讯,周一黄金价格碎阳逼空上行,自早间低点1117附近一路震荡走高,晚间冲高1130附近,周二早盘延续昨夜高点震荡回落,亚欧盘一路震荡回撤了日线五日均线1123位置,而后企稳反弹,晚盘再冲高1130.6,二次冲高同样未能站稳,日线收取高位十字星。   黄金价格自1046的双底反弹,依托1047-1058-1071上行趋势首次冲高了1112.7高点,而后日线经历了5-7个交易日的调整。   当时黄金价格就反复提到过类比2015年8月底9月初的行情走势特点,周线大阳回撤,反复整理之后再度刷高点,区间变轨之后依托1071-1083-1093-1108.5上行趋势走高。   前期国际金价曾对1046的反弹行情高点进行预判,1126-1128为第一个可能位置,其次极限位置就是1155-1160区域。   国际黄金价格高位1130两次冲高不破,短线陷入整理,而且后半周消息面较多,ADP和非农数据为后半周行情的重点。   短线黄金的价格关注下方1123-1121一线支撑,此位置一旦失守依然会加深回调,同时上方注意1130-1132压制。   今日黄金价格可以围绕1132-1122做区间内的高空低多,同时如果短线下破1123-1121会加深回踩去1115-1112一线。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: