Senior to show their informed rumor hospital from ruin

Senior for his hospital informed rumor from ruin recently, a hospital of Hechuan police said: someone on the network rumors said the hospital from ruin. The police investigation found that rumors is a senior in the local practice, just to show their motivation in a circle of friends. After investigation, the rumors Wang is a senior, the current practice in Hechuan. October 19th, Wang saw a video in Shandong, micro-blog. To show off his experience, learn a lot of insider, is a reality version of deep throat, he comments on the micro-blog said (content is deleted): Hechuan × × hospital, a few days ago, a 18 year old girl, because accidentally punctured femoral artery blood vessels, bleeding…… The hospital can not find the signature of the people refused treatment, nurses and others are watching her bleeding…… Blood flow, and finally died in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine." And the content of the comments forwarded to his personal micro-blog. This rumor to reflect the content of sensational, harsh nature. In order to prevent rumors affecting the normal medical order, the hospital chose to alarm. The police soon found wang. As a result of the king of his own fabricated, spread rumors behavior deeply regret, and deeply aware of the error, coupled with the rumors did not cause greater adverse effects, the police then carried out its legal education.  相关的主题文章: