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Seven bad habits caused a disease many physical ailments, often from our small habits over a long time, you may inadvertently have buried the hidden trouble to their disease. The mattress "idea" allergy. Many people often wash the quilt bed mattress, but no matter. The mattress includes a variety of allergens, dust mites, pet dander, years of accumulated easily lead to allergies, and even cause skin itching, eczema and other skin diseases. Advise you, especially allergic patients, the best quarterly cleaning 1 mattresses, using soap and water washing, and often dry, and every half a year after the use of the best mattress before and after a change of position. Early barefoot diarrhea. Foot is the second brain of the human body, and now many young people get up early, often in a hurry to walk barefoot on the floor. It is easy to catch a cold, causing stomach pain, diarrhea, stomach hurt so long. You’d better wear a pair of early soft stuffies, don’t walk barefoot, especially in the cold winter the best up and put on socks. Not a brush cold high risk. Toothbrush every day to two or three times our mouth, not only may lead to neglect health toothbrush halitosis, toothache, may also cause influenza virus and gastrointestinal diseases. Studies have shown that if you do not completely clean the toothbrush, the toothbrush will appear after 15 days. You’d better brush your teeth every night with flowing water 1 times of cleaning toothbrush, and clean with brush bristles of the root of the residual toothpaste and food residue. Tight pants tight. Highlight the perfect curve of the body of the jacket by many girls touted. Wearing tight clothes for a long time, easy to compress the visceral organs, causing bloating, abdominal pain. If the pants are too tight, easy to make acid reflux, stimulate the esophagus, causing chest pain chest. Therefore, suggest that you usually wear some loose clothing, especially underwear should not be too tight. A pair of shoes to wear even bring tinea pedis. As our feet sweat like other parts of the body, the shoes will be wet after a day, and it will take at least 24 hours to dry. Even wearing the same shoes will make the foot in wet condition, easy to breed bacteria, induced tinea pedis. Suggest that you prepare two or three pairs of shoes, wearing the rotation. Back home in a timely manner to change the slippers, so tired of the foot of the day permeability. Long time not susceptible to dry eye blink. Many people read and watch the computer often do not blink for a few minutes. Students, office workers, drivers are susceptible to dry eye blink, have prevent the disease, to help keep the eyes moist. Suggested that every 3~4 seconds best blink, reading, watching the screen should pay attention to. Do not pick the place to sleep cause gastritis. A lot of people to place to sleep are not picky, the chair, the car just went to sleep. Sleeping posture is not easy to cause abdominal distension, and even lead to chronic gastritis, cervical discomfort. Suggest that you try to select the sleepy lying on the sofa, or self folding bed lunch. (life times)相关的主题文章: