Shaanxi a village Party Secretary of Shanyang was reported to spend millions to build luxury villas havd707

Shaanxi a village Party Secretary of Shanyang was reported to spend millions to build luxury villas – Sohu news market information reported in Shanyang County Shangluo city Shaanxi high stone Zhen Liang Cun villagers to the village Party Secretary Cheng Tongcang real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing, many villagers corruption compensation, illegal misappropriation of higher relief funds, also reported that Cheng Tongcang invested 10 million yuan to build a luxury be busy at putting up installations the villa at home, with the village collective money paid villagers to their own work, also let the collective pay electricity villa decoration. The stone beam of a number of villagers written reports said: 2009 Shanyang county and Mining Limited mining in the village of XIAO-DONGGOU group, with the price of 50 thousand yuan per mu of land, but the village secretary Cheng Tongcang per acre only 9000 yuan compensation to the villagers, the rest of the money is the corruption to his waist bag. In July 23, 2010, the stone dam Zhen Liang Cun floods, 2011 Shanyang County Civil Affairs Bureau to the villagers Wu Fuliang, Cheng Jiahuai and other 10 affected families, 27 thousand per household, a total of 270 thousand relief funds, the money the County Civil Affairs Bureau, Finance Bureau and other departments to dam town government finance account, then was transferred to the stone beam village account. But since the past 5 years, the 10 affected villagers did not get a penny. "Our 270 thousand disaster relief by Cheng Tongcang corruption, the state approved the earmarked funds, so in the Cheng Tongcang personal account." The villagers are angry but helpless, Cheng Tongcang repeatedly to Haruki under the guise of construction projects on behalf of corruption, but also make the work of villagers on account, for cooking the books on account the amount of 100 thousand to 600 thousand, or not to settlement payments. 2012 Cheng Tongcang began the construction of luxury villas, is still in the renovation phase, the whole project as long as four years. Photos and introduce from the villagers learned: villa walls 2 meters high, covering an area of 4 acres, the hospital still luxurious rockery, pavilion, rockery and darkroom. Rare plants in the hospital, small bridges, surrounded by water, decorated as luxurious as Royal luxury, the construction of this luxury villa spent millions of dollars. The villagers explained that the Secretary’s garden is water, Haruki spent more than ten thousand yuan of public funds out of the wells. "A village where so much money to build luxury villa? We strongly request the Commission and the government carefully verify the source of funds and Cheng Tongcang privately built villa covers an area of". At the same time, to process Tongcang built villas work villagers confirmed that the wage process Tongcang non personal loans in the village, but the villagers receive: 2011 six or seven home secretary to repair cages, engage in a dozen days, the nominal wage is lied to Haruki record power, with Haruki expense; at the same time, a few people Haruki served as the cashier confirmed, since the process of Tongcang as the village party secretary, the house is to let Haruki reimbursement of electricity. "Cheng Tongcang home electricity every time after Haruki signed, then let us take over electrical reimbursement. We know that this is not the right way, but there is no way". The report said the villagers, they will name illegal facts village Party Secretary Cheng Tongcang corruption collective funds report to the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and the town Party committees and discipline inspection, but the final report material.相关的主题文章: