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Shanghai specialty "shit cake" uninformed tourists questioned cited have purchased Sohu news recently, a Shanghai company launched a "shit cake" products attracted a lot of questions, the product packaging printed with "Shanghai special" logo. Some Shanghai local specialty of Shanghai called "does not exist" shit "". In this regard, Shanghai City, Minhang District Market Supervision Bureau staff said, "shit cake" is "Shanghai special" is difficult to define. Shit cake paste specialty label recently, some friends broke the news that "the name of a company in Shanghai in Shanghai province launched the shit cake, supermarket, shop sales, the Shanghai people saw inexplicable, uninformed tourists have to buy." According to the user’s photos show, called "shit cake" cake by a burlap bag packaging, packaging is written "Shanghai special", "Shanghai style food". On the outer packing, hang tag, write a "eat shit cake, go shit" advertisement. BYD reporter found that some users in Shanghai, Town God’s Temple, Hongqiao airport near the store bought a "shit cake" snack, but most of them are not natives of Shanghai, but the trustee or buy their own "shit cake" home. BYD reporter contacted a company located in Shanghai city Huangpu District Henan road Shanghai Town God’s Temple specialty store, the other said, "shit cake" selling the store, the price is 42 yuan a bag. In addition to the store, reporters found that the search in Taobao, the Jingdong website also has stores to sell "shit cake", the store provides pictures show, net sales of "shit cake" and friends broke the news of the same type, some of the price of 25 yuan, while the price of 28 yuan. The specialty of "identity" has been questioned but for "shit cake" this product is questioned by some local people of Shanghai manufacturers claim that the "Shanghai special" identity. Delicacy comments, brand planner Shen Tao micro-blog said, "Shanghai dialect dictionary can not find" shit "as Shanghai only" dog dirt "; Shanghai is not what ‘shit’". A Shanghai netizen said, "no" shit Shanghai specialty cake ‘, Shanghai dialect also didn’t say "shit". Foreign tourists to Shanghai is certainly want to try authentic Shanghai specialty, rather than outsiders head fabricated out of the specialty of Shanghai in shanghai". BYD reporters call the Shanghai food company, a responsible person, the company’s production called "shit sugar cakes, but this is only started production in more than a year ago. The reporter then asked whether the product belongs to Shanghai specialty, the other said, now a lot of things can claim to be a specialty of Shanghai, and said the company is through the review". The responsible person said that the products in the name of the "shit" means auspicious, "our boss said," eat shit cake, lucky. "So called" shit "". Specialty and there is no specific specification reporter contacted the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau, a staff member said, Shanghai Minhang District Food Co., Ltd. is a food fan in Minhang District相关的主题文章: