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Shuanghui Jingdong signed a strategic business development – cold meat and jointly promote the Beijing, Beijing, September 9, September 9th, the signing ceremony of Shuanghui and Jingdong fresh strategic cooperation held in Luohe city Chinese Food City — Henan province Shuanghui group headquarters. Shuanghui development vice president and general manager of fresh goods division Ma Xiangjie, general manager of the Jingdong store fresh department operation Tang Yi deep enterprise executives of both parties attended the signing ceremony. Two of the world’s top 500 Chinese companies come together to jointly open a new chapter in China’s meat industry and Internet companies powerful alliances. The signing ceremony, it is understood that the signing of cooperation is the Jingdong "search the world fresh" series of activities and a station, after signing the contract, Shuanghui will give full play to the advantages of resources of domestic Jingdong, leveraging the powerful business platform, sales channel from the line to the heavy counter transition Online platform, provide more fresh, high quality, assured and affordable products for consumers. Both executives attended the signing ceremony of Jingdong "search the world fresh", so that the quality of fresh products directly to the consumer Jingdong fresh division was established in January 2016, "search the world fresh" series of activities is a fresh Jingdong since the establishment of heavy launch activities. To this end, the Jingdong set up a fresh professional team of more than and 200 people around the world to evaluate products, establish and follow strict access system, to ensure that the source of controllable, fresh product traceability, production process standardization three access principle, from the source to ensure the quality of fresh. In August 16th, the Jingdong launched a fresh "search the world fresh" series of activities in the global station, the headquarters of the Jingdong held a signing ceremony of the global strategy, aims to explore the quality of fresh origin, with the "critical" standard, to provide consumers with safe, healthy, Chinese stand straight to enjoy fresh ingredients. Jingdong Jingdong backed by fresh mall, has 180 million active users, with high-quality platform, cold chain logistics advantages, through fresh domestic and foreign origin and leading enterprises, from the point of origin, strict selection of quality food suppliers, reduce intermediate links in circulation, so that the quality of fresh products to consumers. With the signing of a strategic cooperation Shuanghui, is an important part of the world searching activities fresh "Jingdong". Shuanghui development vice president and general manager of fresh food department Ma Xiangjie speech Shuanghui chilled meat by virtue of their own advantages, become the Jingdong of selected partners Shuanghui development vice president and fresh food division general manager Ma Xiangjie said, different from the traditional hot meat "morning morning slaughter, listed" production and sales, cold meat production, transportation and storage are carried out in low temperature conditions, can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms. In the cold meat production process, cooling acid process is the key link, the deep temperature requirements within 24 hours of the meat dropped to 0-7 DEG C. This process is also a postmortem rigor to fleshy mature process, the meat of the internal fine structure change, increase the tenderness of meat, meat quality is improved, and produce amino acids, peptides and other flavor substances, make cold meat easier to cooking, easier to digest and absorb. Cold meat is healthy and safe, nutritious and delicious, Shuanghui over the years dedicated to the promotion of the domestic market. 200.相关的主题文章: