Sichuan 68 year old farmer was intercepted after the death of roadside suspects were arrested in the superrecovery

Sichuan 68 year old farmer was intercepted and died on the roadside 9 suspects were arrested in Yuechi informed the original title: Sichuan petitioners detention caused 7 man death: 9 people arrested Yang days straight the tomb of micro-blog screenshot "half village petition Yu Zhen town of Yuechi County in Sichuan province in August 20, 2016 at the age of 71, Yang Tianzhi was found. A road from outside the county side." Earlier, it was reported that Yang Tianzhi had been detained before the death of detained from Beijing, forced repatriation. Yuechi County police on suspicion of the crime of illegal detention, detention 4 people "caregivers". November 13th, Yuechi County police informed the case, has arrested 9 suspects, commission for Discipline Inspection start accountability. In November 13th, the Yuechi police released a report on the death of Yang Tianzhi. Briefing, at 13:33 on August 20, 2016, Yuechi police received a public warning, saying a man fell on the sidewalk in Yuechi Yue Yue Avenue, 120 confirmed that the man had no vital signs. After investigation, the death of the man Yang Tianzhi (male, 68 years old, who lives in the village of Yuechi County town of semi Yu town). In August 16th, Yang Tianzhi and Zhen Ding with a line of four to Beijing, 17, 15 pm in the vicinity of the State Bureau for letters, is the suspect Zhang (Anhui Fuyang) and others to provide accommodation on a cheat on commercial vehicles, the suspect in the Qing Dynasty Yang Tianzhi, after more than one active contact with the Yuechi County town of Yu Town, willing to send Yang Tianzhi back to Yuechi four car. 20 at 2 am, Yang Tianzhi and other four were sent back to Yuechi and get off. Informed that the Yuechi police have arrested the suspect Zhang at the end of August 9, the case is under further investigation. At the same time, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection in August 24th to more than one person was suspended, according to the survey results, further accountability. Notification did not show a certain identity and specific duties. November 14th China Youth Network reporter from the Yuechi County Public Security Bureau confirmed the above notification, the staff refused to disclose more information to reporters outside. Reporter telephone connection Yuechi County Commission for Discipline Inspection and the town of Yuechi County town, the staff were unable to confirm the identity and duties. (reporter Wu Yang intern reporter Zhao Jiaqi) source: China Youth Network Editor:相关的主题文章: