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Since the health card tricks: Hilary sun doctor shintex trump talk show in the daily record of the American public health concerns the two presidential candidates as the Democratic candidate Hilary · Clinton, his Republican rival Donald · Trump 14, the "sun" new medical report. However, observers commented that Hilary’s medical report revealed some previously unknown diseases and surgery, Trump is the use of a medical talk show to do publicity, the extent to reassure voters are unknown. – extension is to convince voters? Although Hilary, Trump are open more medical records, but the ability to effectively resolve the voters questioned is still unknown. At present, the medical records of Hilary has attracted some new questions. For example, the medical records show that Hilary in January had been suffering from sinusitis and ear infections, antibiotics and steroids has not improved after, had to undergo surgery. At that time, Hilary is preparing for the Iowa caucuses, and rival Bernie · Saunders’s support rate bite very tight, eventually lead to "less than 1 percentage points over Saunders. Many critics, Hilary was to conceal his voters to accept the key information of operation, otherwise I am afraid it is difficult to win iowa. Yang Shuyi (Xinhua special feature) Hilary sun doctor letter a number of indicators of normal Hilary campaign website 14 evening issued a letter of Lisa · had a doctor’s letter, which outlines Hilary’s health. Bardac is Hilary’s personal physician, wrote in a letter to a total of two page letter, cholesterol, triglycerides and other indicators of Hilary normal, "no other indicators of general physical examination abnormalities, mental health is also very good". According to Bardac, the 68 year old Mr Hilary has long been taking warfarin and some allergic drugs, blood pressure is relatively stable". The American media reported earlier, Hilary 1998 non-stop run around in various campaign activities, leading to thrombosis during knee; and later served as secretary of state had fainted at home and a concussion, the head of a thrombogenic. Hilary had published a medical record in July 2015, but the outside world has been questioned about her own history of "reservations". This month 11 days, Hilary in New York, a public event on the physical discomfort, by hand and leave, later diagnosed with pneumonia. Many people criticized Hilary on the 2 day he was unwell and newly diagnosed pneumonia 9 days, confirm the appointment, but until the 11 day after the illness admitted "betrayed". Bardac, Hilary is currently taking antibiotics and proper rest, pneumonia recovery is good. Trump recorded a medical talk back fancy questioned Hilary’s opponent, Republican Trump 14 to participate in the recording of a medical talk show, fancy sun out of their medical records, in response to the host asked about his health. The program is scheduled to broadcast on 15. In this file called "doctor Ozzy show" in the television program, host Jose mourinho.相关的主题文章: