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Skinhead barbecue for operating without a license by the public comment line after two months quietly on the line I is welcome to Oriental pager, reporter Zhang Yi. Oriental pager reported in August 8th Xuhui District No. 350 Shuangfeng Road, an unlicensed black workshop "skinhead barbecue", to promote public comment through public comment; then be offline. Two months later the reporter visits, found that the black workshop has quietly on the line. Yesterday (8), after the morning of the East Canton news tracking, causing widespread concern in the community. White collar Miss Zhou shocked, expressed deep concern. Never feel that this business is a problem, because it is online scoring, are generally in accordance with the highest sales volume, the most popular, so the future will be very vigilant. Take this thing really or point, because you work what is certainly no time to do it, but now it appears the situation we are worried about, is the food regulatory authorities can carry out, quality supervision, we still look forward to. A comment: "if a platform to achieve the line audit report on the merchant received a and one of this platform will be sought after; if the takeaway platform all only interests, this act evilly in collusion with, in fact, is an industry of sorrow". However, if the food safety only hope that the industry self-regulation, apparently not enough. 8 morning, the Changning District market supervision administration where the emergency interviewed — Chinese information technology (Shanghai) Co., responsible person, for enterprises to strengthen the catering units of the network audit, carry out a comprehensive clean-up work, once found on the platform of existing food safety violations should be promptly stopped; found undocumented business and other serious violations, to stop providing online trading platform services. At present, this black Workshop – bald barbecue, has again from the public comment offline. In fact, for public comment on this behavior whether knowingly violate, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "network of food safety violations investigation measures", "Shanghai City catering service network supervision and management methods", or "People’s Republic of China food safety law", the administrative departments have given 5000 yuan to 200 thousand yuan penalty. The public comment only to conduct interviews and not make any punishment, so that consumers can not help but feel the board aloft, gently put down". In this regard, the food and drug supervision hotline 12331 value monitor explanation: public comment [it is food security risks, in the knowledge that enterprises operating without a license case, to the business line, then the administrative department to make administrative punishment may first will be interviewed, ordered rectification ah ah, finally may have repeatedly ordered rectification because of administrative punishment, administrative department the means is gradually increasing. "Liu Chunquan Pan Ocean lawyer pointed out: as long as the regulatory authorities to fully use of administrative means, is not no deterrent. The most powerful is according to the current market authority law enforcement standards, whether it is food safety law and advertising law, a fine of a small amount of money, the tens of thousands of tens of thousands each time; this behavior is a violation of the independence, a treatment is also very powerful. Thank you for listening相关的主题文章: