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Small ant launched micro single camera M1 Japanese three – price butcher’s knife cut technology Sohu intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom), the desert shadow in September 19, 2016, today millet ecological chain enterprises small ant Technology launched a cross-border products in Beijing, micro single camera M1. Previously, the ant is millet camera, millet Sports Camera and other products behind the company. The little ant is the launch of the micro camera a 43 interface, the simultaneous launch of two lens, a focal length macro set 42.5mm head portrait, the other a focal length of 12 ~ 42mm equivalent 35mm lens 24 ~ 84mm standard zoom lens. According to the small ant founder / CEO seven Wei introduced in the software level, the small ant micro single made some easy innovations, such as adding "master" is used in traveling, shooting interface, built-in master template composition. Small ants in the main social networking and micro micro single product, known as the first micro single camera. The two set of product prices were 2999 yuan, the standard dual lens kit, portrait headgear machine price is 2199 yuan, it is said that in Japan the same brand price of around 13, September 23rd, the whole network sale in Jingdong. Small ants also introduced another two new products, a smart car rearview mirror, intelligent mobile phone with 5 inch screen resolution level; sale 799 yuan. Another product is a 3 rotor UAV, the flight speed can reach 120 km an hour, can mount a single micro to small ants such as shooting sports cameras and other different products. Overall, the small ant brand or video shooting equipment as the main line in the development of the product line, there are already more than a dozen product models, covering micro single, motion cameras, UAVs, etc.. It is said that 3 years ago, the company has been located in small ants in Seattle, Israel, China, Japan, Taiwan and other places, there are 110 of foreign employees, headquartered in Shanghai. Small ant founder Wei think its vision is proposed by Yi Cameras all image series covering the filming equipment, however, want to know now shooting with the highest rate of products should be mobile phone.相关的主题文章: