Song Joong Ki Yan + muscle = an uppercase liao-truffe

Song Joong Ki Yan + muscle = a capital "up" lead: on the evening of 24, starring Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki descendants of "the sun" was finally ushered in the premiere ratings to 14.3% won the ratings champion. The drama has not come straight to the point at first sight let you have a heart? Start up the Song Joong Ki is not handsome sister who from the first episode, not only good as well as the legendary color dress and thin strip meat of the perfect body, no wonder around buddies to give up treatment! Starring Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki "the sun descended" ushered in the premiere in the evening of 24, will launch a set off a ratings frenzy, with 14.3% of the ratings champion won the ratings. This time, Song Zhongji and Song Hye Kyo in the play "uniform temptation", launched a military and doctors romantic love. The first episode aired after netizens have said, marvel at the Song Joong Ki Liao Mei skills across the screen can feel the butterflies! Warm male age seems to have raced out this year virtuoso has not only limited to personal skill, tease sister technology is also a knowledge, language can’t seem frivolous, to grasp the scale properly, of course, the premise is that you have to pay their own color value. Warm man seems to have out a heroic spirit between after the Song Joong Ki forehead, with the military image complement each other, met Joe sister plays the doctor, did not hide his affection, all take the initiative to express their love in the name of cure. Previously, love drama is not uncommon, began to explain the story line from the first episode, so come straight to the point narrative, it is fun, even at the first sight It is often seen. old drama, let the audience to have the feeling of heartache, really sigh chaeKi Obama and Joe sister color value is too high, with a face picture! Liao Mei God of the legendary good figure is her sister artifact or the Obama Obama, is becoming more and more perfect! "The sun" descendants of the first episode, played by Liu Shizhen Song Joong Ki soldiers in the gym a big show of muscle, pectoral muscle and two distinct head muscle, is full of strong sense and not Hin, full screen filled with health, sunshine, this is the legendary dress and thin strip meat in good shape the first set, so put the welfare really good, the fake muscles attached to the upper body, and then look at this clear line is not a healthy sense of breathing! The back line, I can play this year. I can play with two show muscle words of love to you   the director said in front of the offensive and offensive language distance you hold, these pictures will have to drink a cup of ice water to cool off, just after the exercise body could erase the sweat received a telephone call. In this paper, we talk about the Korean director said that navigation is a dream, it is really small, has seen a girl floating above the heart, while the sun show healthy muscle, saying ambiguous words, I am afraid not up the phone Joe sister, but the girl in front of the computer thousands on thousands of heart, the director. Do you have any chaeKi Obama card inventory? With a sweet face no song what do you take up the muscle Nakamoto brand navigation 宋仲基的颜+肌肉=一个大写的“撩”   导语:24日晚,由宋仲基、宋慧乔主演的《太阳的后裔》终于迎来了首播,以14.3%的收视率夺得收视冠军。单刀直入一见钟情的戏码有没有让你有一丝怦然心动呢?从第一集就开始撩妹的宋仲基也是帅的没谁了,不仅颜好还有传说中穿衣显瘦脱衣有肉的完美身材,难怪身边的小伙伴们都要放弃治疗了!   由宋仲基、宋慧乔主演的《太阳的后裔》在24日晚迎来了首播,一开播便掀起了收视狂潮,以14.3%的收视率夺得收视冠军。此次宋仲基和宋慧乔在剧中上演“制服诱惑”,展开一场军人与医生间的浪漫爱情。第一集播出之后网友纷纷表示,惊叹于宋仲基的撩妹技能,隔着屏幕都能感觉到小鹿乱撞! 小鹿乱撞   暖男时代貌似已经out了   这年头炫技已经不仅局限于个人特长,撩妹技也是一门学问,言语间不能显得轻浮,尺度要把握得当,当然前提是你也得有对得起自己的颜值。 暖男貌似已经out了   退伍之后的宋仲基眉宇之间多了几分英气,与剧中军人的形象相得益彰,遇见乔妹饰演的医生,丝毫不掩饰心中的好感,各种主动出击,以治病的名义表达爱意。此前,一见钟情的戏码并不少见,从第一集就开始交代故事主线,如此单刀直入的叙述,实在是过瘾,就连屡见不鲜的一见钟情老戏码,竟然让观众都有了怦然心动的感觉,实在是感叹仲基欧巴和乔妹颜值太高,画面配一脸! 撩妹大神   传说中的好身材也是撩妹神器   欧巴还是那个欧巴,就是变得更加完美了!《太阳的后裔》第一集剧情中,宋仲基饰演的军人柳时镇在健身房大秀肌肉,分明的胸肌腹肌和二头肌,既有满满的健硕感又不显突兀,满屏洋溢着健康阳光,这分明就是传说中穿衣显瘦脱衣有肉的好身材,第一集就这么放福利真的好么,看多了贴上身的假肌肉,再看看这身分明的线条是不是有种健康的呼吸感! 这个背部线条我能玩一年 这个前胸我能玩两年   秀着肌肉说情话 导演你出来   要说前面的语言攻势和距离攻势你还扛得住的话,下面这些画面恐怕就要先喝杯冰水冷静一下了,刚刚锻炼完身体还没来得及擦掉身上的汗就接到了电话。 本文导航 导演我们谈谈   都说韩剧是梦幻的,看来果然是,小编已经看到上空飘着的少女心了,一边秀着阳光健康的肌肉,一边说着暧昧不明的情话,恐怕撩的不是电话那头的乔妹,而是在电脑前千千万万的少女心呀,导演,请问你还有仲基欧巴牌存货么? 甜蜜配一脸   没有宋仲基牌肌肉你拿什么撩妹   没有宋仲基的颜值至少要有宋仲基的肌肉!穿衣显瘦脱衣有肉是每个女生都喜欢的好身材,健康又不显老成的肌肉,小鲜肉必备! 帅一脸   健身房当然是健身必备基地,工作忙没时间这些小方法也可以达到健身效果。   1)手臂肌肉:推荐哑铃、俯卧撑    哑铃一天4组每组15到20个,或平举20次,每天4组   俯卧撑 十五个一组 做三组  胸部的位置可以以你的两手的间距为准    2)腹部肌肉:推荐仰卧起坐    仰卧起坐30个一组 做4组   3)大腿肌肉:推荐升蹲,冲刺跑 冲刺跑距离不宜太长,200米一段,更具个人情况,决定跑几段 本文导航相关的主题文章: