South Korean civic groups to protest in front of the Japanese embassy Takeshima day (Figure) – Beiji-candy boy

South Korean civic groups to protest in front of the Japanese embassy "Takeshima day" (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, February 22, according to Japanese media reports, memorial to protest the Shimane Prefecture of Japan this month 22, Takeshima day, in the morning from a number of South Korean civic groups held a rally in Seoul, Japan in Korea the embassy, advocate "the island is the territory of South Korea dokdo". According to reports, including the South Korean high school students and college students, about 70 "Dokdo Xiang you" members "asked Japan to stop the improper claims". The protesters also advocated that Japan and South Korea government reached a consensus on the issue of the comfort women in December 28, 2015, which was humiliating to the ROK, and asked the Korean government to reverse this consensus. It is reported that other Korean groups also plan to hold hundreds of protest rallies in the afternoon. Shimane Prefecture 22 this month, held in Songjiang, "Takeshima day" celebration, governor Mizoguchi Shants attended. The Japanese government to send the cabinet office administrative officer Sakai Yoyuki attended the event. This is the 4 year in which the government official has been present at this event. It is understood that Japan Shimane county since 2006 every year will be held in February 22nd this activity, this year is the Eleventh time. At present in the actual control of South Korea Takeshima, South Korea will be the island known as dokdo.

韩国市民团体在日本大使馆前抗议“竹岛日”(图)-中新网   中新网2月22日电 据日媒报道,为抗议日本岛根县本月22日的“竹岛日”纪念活动,当天上午起多个韩国市民团体在首尔的日本驻韩大使馆前举行集会,主张“该岛是韩国领土独岛”。   据报道,包括韩国高中生及大学生在内的约70名“独岛乡友会”成员要求“日本停止不当的领土主张”。   集会者还主张日韩政府2015年12月28日就慰安妇问题达成的共识对韩方而言是屈辱,要求韩国政府推翻这一共识。   据悉,其他韩国团体也计划当天下午举行数百人规模的抗议集会。   日本岛根县本月22日在松江市举行“竹岛日”纪念活动,知事沟口善兵卫等出席。日本政府派内阁府政务官酒井庸行出席了活动。这是政务官连续4年出席这一活动。   据了解,日本岛根县自2006年起每年2月22日都会举行这一活动,今年已是第11次。竹岛目前处于韩国的实际控制之下,韩国将该岛称为独岛。相关的主题文章: