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UnCategorized If you intend learning to horse ride it would be foolish to begin without an equestrian helmet. Even experienced riders can be thrown from a horse or simply fall off for any number of reasons. A novice rider has even more chance of falling off. In fact, the horsy crowd regards falling off as a rite of passage for a novice rider. If you fall off you will have to get back on and continue. You will be able to carry on as usual if you are not injured. The risk of injury is greater if you do not wear a helmet while riding. A riding helmet is worn to keep you from incurring a head injury. It is of the utmost importance you buy a helmet that is guaranteed to be a safety helmet. It is advisable to buy a helmet new from a reputable equestrian apparel stockist. If you do buy a used riding helmet you must be sure it has never been damaged. If it is damaged by eve a hairline crack it will not keep your skull safe. An important consideration when you buy your helmet is the fit. You must try on the helmet before you buy it. Helmets do come in a variety of sizes. When you place the helmet on your head it must be snug and not shift about. Make sure the chin strap can be adjusted to keep the helmet firm. If you have long hair ask for a helmet that comes with a ponytail port. An equestrian helmet is not meant to be worn tilted in any way. A helmet that is tilted front or backward leaves parts of your skull vulnerable to injury. There is also the danger of the helmet completely slipping off. Riding helmets are constantly being researched and updated. This means they are constantly being improved. The primary purpose of a helmet is to provide protection against injury but the latest helmets are very light and also allow the scalp to breathe. This makes the wearing of a helmet a lot more comfortable because riders do work up a sweat during a ride. If you are an enthusiastic and dedicated rider who spends a lot of time on a horse then you should upgrade your helmet on a regular basis. If you do, your head will always be protected by the most up to date technology available in equestrian apparel. If you are a novice rider you must understand the importance of wearing a riding helmet. You must get into the habit of readjusting your helmet each time you wear it. A helmet is not only meant to protect your head if you fall. A helmet is also meant to protect your head from being kicked by a hoof. This means you should always wear your helmet properly even when grooming a horse. An equestrian helmet is not a fashion item. Even though helmets come in a wide range of colours and shades this is safety wear that is compulsory to all those who come into close contact with a horse. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: