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Strange custom: Ethiopia tribal women were hit harder the more love! Sohu – two in the afternoon we went to the tourist, the southern Ethiopia trough of the Omo Hamo tribe, a river tribe, the river everywhere to sit or stand with women’s hammer. Obviously, they are tribal Yan value to play, in fact, their dress is also more prominent in the tribal temperament. A woman has a hammer like chocolate brown red skin, body and hair with butter and red powder with a mixture of dyes, showing a drop of fresh brown and shiny. The shell and the bead chain include a variety of colors, red, white, blue, and green, and are more eye – catching on brown skin. They rub the hair into braids, arm set with various kinds of silver or copper bracelets, wearing handmade sheepskin vest or simply topless. The bell decoration on the legs, but it is wearing a vest, the clothes are large and loose, can only play a decorative role and a few non occlusion function. Those who are either round or serious sagging breasts will be rude to break out and enjoy the caress of the sun. To distinguish between the hammer girl is married, just look at the neck is two thick collar, a married woman have this collar. But there is a special collar but not every Youfuzhifu can wear — it is a symbol of the first lady in the house. Status symbols for wooden collar, extends out of the bottom of a rafter head. They are the harem boss. Tribal polygamy followed Hamo, wearing wooden collar women status in the family than other women, they manage the food, is also responsible for the management of other women and children. Shortly after we arrived, suddenly the surging crowd, women collective standing, excited horn dance, as the protagonist — jump ruthless Huan courtship dancers dance: a man holding a whip lashed in the women’s back, I saw the whip off, flesh and blood fuzzy, we can see that scary. The whip as if not pumping in their bodies but smoke in our heart, and those who are smoking women are in deep gasped after facial expression more exciting pleasure. They say, play, love. The more ruthless, the more love. So, bloodshed is the highest state of love. After beating back, badly mutilated. The woman on the right side of the back is the scab in addition to this, there is another woman hammer shocking fashion: the girls at the age of 12, began carving his own body, they draw a knife with a knife in the body back, abdomen, arm, etc. the wound well became a scar. Hamer argued that the number and size of a woman’s body is beautiful or not depends on her! And decided to marry her. That is to say, if you want to marry a good husband, to self mutilation, and another is a woman through this ceremony to show their courage, strong, and can. The price of beauty is death, and many girls have died. Because even if they can endure the pain of the ritual, they have to go through the healing process. .相关的主题文章: