Super reverse oil acquisition of St jichai crazy whirlwind asset securitization speed

Super reverse oil acquisition of   *ST jichai crazy whirlwind   asset securitization speed — energy — reorganization of the concept of strong *ST jichai since the resumption, showing a rising trend. In September 30th, the last trading day before the national day, the reorganization of the concept of strong *ST jichai again in order to limit the perfect ending, to close at 18.4 yuan, this is nearly 5 months of suspension *ST jichai after the resumption of trading of the ninth. In fact, since *ST jichai after the suspension, the will of the "oil" and "restructuring" concept received much attention. In September 6th, *ST jichai released a major asset replacement plan. The actual controller of the company China Petroleum Group will hold its financial assets transferred to its wholly-owned subsidiary of CNPC holding capital, and to the financial assets into business in capital 100% stake in the reorganization of assets into the placement of assets, the transaction price of 75 billion 510 million yuan. After the completion of this transaction, the oil capital will become a wholly owned subsidiary of listed companies. The trading price of 75 billion 500 million yuan, in addition to mergers and acquisitions among the A share trading price of second high, in the capital as a fully licensed financial holding platform, also let *ST jichai incarnation of A stock market scarce investment targets. The day before, the reporter on the progress of the reorganization transaction and the specific situation of the call *ST jichai secretaries Liu Minghuai, he said, at present, to disclose other information, all the announcement. "Kill two birds with one stone" Paul shell war for this restructuring, *ST jichai clearly said that through this transaction set out the original weak profitability of the assets into high-quality financial assets, to achieve business transformation; can effectively broaden the source of profit, the ability to enhance the anti risk ability of sustainable development, and future development potential. "This is a restructuring plan, killing two birds with one stone. Not only saved the dying *ST jichai shell, also let the internal combustion engine manufacturers suffer losses suddenly become a comprehensive financial services company." The Great Wall securities Hangzhou branch investment manager Lin Yi said. In recent years, *ST jichai been mired in the continued loss of "curse". From 2011 to 2014, *ST jichai after 5 years only 1 years to achieve profitability, the cumulative loss amount of more than 300 million yuan. The first half of this year, *ST jichai loss again 157 million yuan, compared with the same period last year to drop 2697.09%. Two consecutive years of losses *ST jichai if not reverse losses in this year’s annual report, the implementation will be suspended exchange. In this regard, *ST jichai also emphasized in the 2015 annual report, for the revocation of the delisting risk warning, in 2016 the company’s primary goal is to profitability. But from the company’s first quarter performance and the current industry development environment, the main business is difficult to allow the company to achieve the goal of shell. In fact, the scale of the huge volume of state-owned enterprises, through the excellent performance, strong profitability, high market valuation of financial assets into the listed platform, to achieve the state-owned assets through securitization of financial assets value, is also an important direction of the reform of state-owned enterprises in recent years. "In addition to the oil financial assets into its *ST jichai, PO)相关的主题文章: