Survey how many parents worried about their children’s learning

Survey: because children learn side and anxious parents have? TV series "little separation" has aired, Ju Zhongsan family education for the children and leave no stone unturned. This scene is constantly staged in reality. "Other children are on the cram school, my family can not lag behind, the child’s education to start from childhood." Hebei Tangshan City Yutian County, the son of Wang Xuzhi (a pseudonym) on the primary school next year, one family has been collected in the vicinity of cram schools offering classes, courses and other information. Wang Xuzhi parents are not uncommon. Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to children’s education. In quite a few families, children spend most of their family’s education. Recently, according to an online survey of the social survey center of China Youth Daily joint network to carry out the questionnaire, 89.8% of respondents said the side for children to learn the anxiety of parents, of which 40.2% of the respondents said very much. 75.7% of the respondents said that around the child education costs usually account for more than half of family income home in Hebei Baoding Zhou Ning (a pseudonym) children in high school, she told reporters, with children on Mathematical Olympiad classes, interest classes in the community, every holiday is full of Bansaide tutoring. "Go to the same class, are able to see the results, some children don’t care, or no effect". She is more likely to create a democratic, positive learning environment for children. Survey shows that 86.1% of the respondents around a lot of children were arranged by the parents of after-school remedial classes, of which 33.4% of respondents said very much. That is less than 2.3%. In addition to looking for a class for his son, Wang Xu also has a larger plan, if feasible, we intend to send the child to a better school in the city to go to school, spend more money is also willing to". Their family has recently been aware of the possibility of cross – border school enrollment and fees. Now, how much does a child’s education cost usually account for the entire family income? 75.7% of respondents said more than half, of which 22.4% of respondents believe that a very large proportion". Smaller proportion accounted for only 6.2%. Of all the educational expenses, going abroad is undoubtedly the most expensive. Which stage of the students studying abroad trend? 56% of respondents believe that high school, and 52% of respondents believe that the university. The following are: junior high school (28.4%), graduate (13.7%), primary school (8.7%). Survey, 89.8% of respondents said their children around the school because of anxiety and more parents, of which more than 40.2% of respondents admitted very much, that is not too much and almost no only accounted for only 1.4% and 0.2%. Our parents are very lack of knowledge of education, ‘do not let the child lose at the starting line’ concept of deep-rooted. In fact, in childhood, child intelligence development is not the main factor but not the only, parents should create various opportunities and broader space, let the children to experience life, enjoy life, instead of wasting a lot of money, they will be sent to the various classes, this is harmful." Shi Longwei, associate professor of education at Southwestern University, said that if the children did not form a certain degree of learning in the basic education, even if it will be sent abroad 6相关的主题文章: