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Suzhou Industrial Park in the latest report card: Microsoft Suzhou R & D center officially opened the new building of innovation resources – Beijing Shuabing Microsoft Suzhou R & D center of the new building opened in new network on 28 September, located in Suzhou Industrial Park 21. Microsoft’s small R & D team settled in this, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, more than ten research and development areas will also be here, Suzhou Industrial Park has become a new Microsoft innovation base. On the day before the opening of the new building Microsoft, SIEMENS Suzhou Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences was officially unveiled, China – New Zealand (Suzhou) innovation center is also signed settled in Suzhou industrial park…… Is the Suzhou Industrial Park is the latest innovative resources scraper, Kochi circle of friends more and more, and more full international norm. Suzhou industrial park with what kind of charm to attract them? Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Dean Wang Yongdong introduced, in the Microsoft R & D center in Suzhou, more than 95% employees from the outside, and not Suzhou locals, some are from Beijing, and some foreign employees. After a lot of Microsoft employees came to Suzhou, Suzhou feel very comfortable living environment, the overall planning of the park is also very good. In 2013, Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute established branch in Suzhou Industrial Park, after three years of development, Microsoft Suzhou team from a small research pioneer, has become the backbone of hundreds of people, but the future will be more targeted for the scale of more than thousand army science and technology. Extensive collection of innovative resources, services in the development of emerging industries, Suzhou Industrial Park has become a new round of development of a clear path. SIEMENS (China) Co., Ltd., senior vice president, President of SIEMENS China Research Institute, said Zhu Xiaoxun, Suzhou Institute is an important milestone in the development of SIEMENS digital business ecosystem in china. The future, Suzhou will play a leading role in the development of digitization and automation in the field of business departments, support for SIEMENS products, technologies and solutions for the development needs, provide innovative power for the "2025 China manufacturing"." With the China – New Zealand (Suzhou) innovation center in the park signed a contract at the same time, a series of new cooperation projects have begun. China – New Zealand (Suzhou) innovation center in Suzhou Industrial Park, marking the Suzhou Industrial Park International Cooperation in science and technology innovation to a higher level. In the future, with the signing of more and more new cooperation projects and settled, the two sides will gradually promote China – New Zealand (Suzhou) innovation center to become a national platform for scientific and technological cooperation and exchange. "The biggest feature is internationalization." The director of the Suzhou science and Technology Industrial Park Management Committee Development Bureau Zhang Dongchi interviewed by the media said that the specific performance in the investment, the development of manufacturing industry and other aspects, on the one hand is very attractive to foreign talent, in turn, foreign capital is also very large role of driving region, and these effects persist." "A lot of people to the Suzhou Industrial Park, not necessarily because out of the existing policy and other areas more cash, or may be more readily, comprehensive environment is the most important, it is also an international)相关的主题文章: