Suzuki Ryohei starring money shaped police department, Atsuko Maeda joined

Suzuki Ryohei starred in "zenigata.jap police department" Atsuko Maeda joined the drama "zenigata.jap police department" actor Atsuko Maeda, Suzuki Ryohei, Miura Takashio left Sina entertainment news according to Japanese media reports, Japan, Taiwan and WOWOW Hulu to launch a large-scale drama "planning zenigata.jap police department", invited the actor starring Suzuki Ryohei, the popular actor in collaboration with Atsuko Maeda, Miura Takashio the series will be launched in 2017. Zenigata.jap police department is the famous cartoonist Kato Kazuhiko characters as everyone knows "lupin III", he told the elusive thief lupin III pursued, as robust as rivals, he never give up the commitment of all ages to win the fans, but really understand his fans are not many, most people the impression that he was always caught not to Lubang ", but this is not the worst criminal facts, but he is very stubborn has a sense of justice, to eradicate the evil, very humane, is a good detective, this drama is to him, tell him to solve various cases of the story. The play feature different from the past, in Japan is also the first attempt, the first step of planning by the Japanese Taiwan drama, then WOWOW and Hulu platform were launched different series, beyond the television audience in different obstacles, can see the money platform shaped Police Department story. Zenigata.jap police department who is playing the huge Chinese high school students in "I Speechless", as the king in the drama "Prince of tennis" in Japanese, "I came to pick you up" as wearing rabbit doll clothing also challenged death, housekeeper, energy-saving and other roles the strength of the actors bell Mu Liangping, he said: "talking about money – Police Department, will think of his voice." The TV animated version, as zenigata.jap is voiced by police department Natani Goro and Yamate Hiroshi one or two, Suzuki Ryohei said: "I will continue their original features, and then show my voice and create a new image of zenigata.jap police department. To tell the truth so popular I have more pressure, each shot to the director to confirm whether there is a problem, try to show his fashion and lovely, I hope this will be a good detective drama." Atsuko Maeda played in the drama of the Metropolitan Police policewoman Sakuraba searching for a class of Shahi, with Miura Takashio as Kunikita Shintaro is searching for a class of Interpol colleagues, Atsuko Maeda said: "I heard Suzuki Ryohei’s zenigata.jap police department, I feel funny. Every shot is very much looking forward to, I hope you like the handsome new money shaped police department." Miura Takashio said: "my character sometimes do wrong, but a very passionate Interpol for work, I very love" lupin III "of this series, hope not read comics and animation audience will love this live version." Suzuki Ryohei treats every role very seriously, in order to gain or lose weight had the role of impressive, and his excellent acting, he with a very high reputation zenigata.jap police department’s worth looking forward to fit. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: