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Sweet potato sweet potato and purple sweet potato nutrition, who is better? Sohu healthy sweet potato sweet potato purple sweet potato, nutrition who is better? Winter comes, the street stalls roasted sweet potato is always bustling, holding a newly baked sweet potato, warm hands warm warm heart mouth. But there are a lot of friends ask, why there is no street roast purple potato and roasted sweet potatoes to sell? Are these different colors of "potatoes" related to each other? Red, yellow, white, purple potato, what is the difference in nutrition, which is better? When it comes to this, you must first be sure that they belong to the sweet potato family (sweet potato). Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas, Latin name (L.) Lam), also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, Convolvulaceae is annual or perennial herbaceous plant root. China is the world’s largest producer of sweet potato, accounting for 75.3% of the world’s total output. Our daily consumption is part of the root tuber of sweet potato. By the way: in fact, gossip about the nutritional value of sweet potato leaves is very good, sweet potato leaves, or sweet potato tips, dark green color, taste a bit slippery, in all kinds of vegetables, the best comprehensive nutritional value. In the past to the pigs around the farmers use it, now suddenly find that people eat it is very healthy…… Has become one of the health food in the restaurant. According to the internal root color, sweet potato can be roughly divided into white and yellow (orange, red and purple) meat meat three types. Type of white, of which the pigment content is very low; the type of yellow, contains a number of different types of carotenoids, including beta carotene; purple type, containing anthocyanins, but basically no carotenoids. And by the way, in general, plant seeds and root skin and flesh color were controlled by different genes, so we can see the hybrid white yellow core, red white red yellow core, such as different types of core. Even in the same type of sweet potato, there is a difference in color. For example, the so-called purple cabbage, some from the inside to the outside of the color purple, and some of the skin is dark purple, which is only pale purple, and these are unrelated to artificial dyeing, but genetic differences. So, in the end the different color of sweet potato, what is the difference in nutrition? In 2014, China Science Research Institute of Sweet Potato Research Institute experts conducted a comparative evaluation of main nutritional quality of different sweet potato tuber flesh, we may also wish to overhear. The characteristics of 1 Sweet Potato white sweet potato starch — "champion" white meat type is: — high starch content of root, fresh weight can reach about 25%, fructose, glucose and sucrose and crude protein content is relatively low. Because the starch, sweet sugar content is low, the taste is not so sweet, baked out is not too sweet, not suitable for making baked sweet potato as a snack to eat. Because it has the taste of powder, a little dry, when the staple food can also be. Because of the high content of starch, starch is very suitable for industrial alcohol fermentation (because of starch content)相关的主题文章: