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Taipei remediation drunk driving: let offenders go to the funeral home to help clean up the remains of Sohu news for Taipei’s first funeral parlor. Oriental IC data Chinese Taiwan network November 12th news, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the punishment of drunk driving is still difficult to curb Taipei 100 drunk driving in 16 people is a recidivist, there are many people who number more than 5 times. City councilman He Zhiwei suggested that social labor service DUI recidivism, to assist the funeral "in general" wash (corpse); Taipei city government said yesterday, has reached a consensus with the prosecution, the fastest next month to open the "whole" core area, DUI recidivism to assist in cleaning work, but not see naked direct ". Taipei Police Bureau statistics, statistics show nearly 10 years, the number of drunk driving recidivism reached 23751, the total number of 16% drunk driving ban. Mayor Ke Wenzhe said at the urban question yesterday, drunk driver woke up screaming in pain, tears, but drunk no matter what, they still need to conduct rectification; "don’t let the drunk driver to touch (" general "), watching it." Taipei funeral management office deputy director Shi Shuli said, the current tendency in a funeral, funeral grief counseling room, two open coffin chamber or crematorium processing "in general" core area for social labor service. These places belong to be close to see "general", or "coffin out of space, but in general are properly placed on the death bed, the coffin inside, they don’t see. Shi Shuli said, in order to arrange labor environment, mopping the floor, sweep the floor, clean the desks and chairs or window cleaning work, will not affect the "general" cleaning process. This year, 17 people have been assigned to the one or two funeral service work, the future will send drunk driving recidivism to the funeral home labor service, is at the right. Taiwan drunk driving prevention association secretary general social care long Lin Meina said, drunk driving in a lot of people luck, think they can come home safely, or drink,, think they can come home safely, the accident. Highway administration has decided to let the drunk driving to fund the creation of "look like a vegetable, also let the DUI recidivism Association recommends to the funeral home do life education, let them help clean clean," close contact "and" general ". Lin Meina said Daoan assembly past are sitting in a classroom lecture, there is no sense. Taiwan is a taboo of death, should let the drunk driving a little contact with death situation, a "shock" education, it would not be vigilant, to reduce drunk driving crime. (originally entitled "Taipei Fajiu coming out of the new regulations: to assist the recidivist funeral" in general "wash)相关的主题文章: