Taitung rain does not stop debris flow red alert to 80 new network – in hyuna

Taitung rain does not stop debris flow red alert to 80 – Beijing, Beijing, October 9, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, the typhoon "Aere" peripheral circulation and frontal impact, "the Council of Agriculture Soil and Water Conservation Bureau released at noon today the warning forecast of debris flow, red alert from the morning of 26 debris flow at present, rising to 80, concentrated in the 28 village of Taitung county 7 townships. According to the water conservancy bureau at noon the latest release of earth and rock flow warning forecast, the current flow of Red Alert 80, yellow alert 62. Among them, the distribution of red alert in the Taitung County Township Village, the village of Yongkang Luan Yanping, Beinan chulu village, beautiful countryside, Tai’an village, Dongxing village, hot springs village, village, village, Richwood pinlaung Ming Feng Village, Lijia village, Darrell Xiang Nan Tian Cun, in village, village, village Shuo bedplate. Dawu Dazhu Township Village, bird village, Taimali village, Luncun, king of Jin Liang village, Huayuan village, pandan village, Jinfeng Village, new village, garland Zhengxing village, 28 village of Taitung city in the park, and built in 1 counties, 7 townships in wanli. Water Conservancy Bureau, said the local government should advise or force its withdrawal, and appropriate placement. Yellow alert, "Water Conservation Bureau pointed out that the distribution in Taoyuan Hongye village village, Taitung County Yanping Township, township, village martial Dawu Nan Xing Cun Dong He Xiang, Dawu village, Taiyuan village, North source village, Xing Chang Cun, Donghe village, Dulan village, town, loyalty and filial piety in the success of fraternity, Changbin Xiang Ning Xiang Pu Cun, Cao Pu Cun, Pingtung County, the village of Nevin lions, New Taipei City, New District Juifang Lian Guangfu, Johor, Nenya, Hou Tong, Li Fu, live in the arch bridge, Copper Mt., 24 villages in Wanli District, Xi Di 3 8 township.相关的主题文章: