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Arts-and-Entertainment From the time you were a kid, the best way to pass time was to sit in front of the television and watch your favourite cartoon. You spent hours laughing and being entertained by Tom and Jerry, the classic cat and mouse tale that still manages to capture the imagination of people, from all age groups. You know you have grown up, when you suddenly find cartoons boring and you slowly switch to grown up TV shows. As a young adult, these shows are completely different from the cartoons you used to watch. They give you a sneak peak of life, love and growing up. Today, teen dramas are a huge success. A large number of kids tune in every day, in order to keep up with their favourite characters. These shows are made in such a way that the kids can connect with the characters and relate to them. Teenagers spend a good amount of time watching new TV shows, listening to music and discussing the same on various social media platforms. This boots publicity for the shows and helps to increase popularity. Over the years, the entertainment industry has become aware of the potential of this genre. They have come up with a number of different shows that are made especially for teenagers. The Indian entertainment industry has also launched a number of teen dramas. Crazy Stupid Ishq is a story about four youngsters, trying to find their place in life. They struggle to understand themselves and each other. With constant fights and numerous love triangles this show is one to watch. It features Ayaan who tries hard to be a good friend and a great son on the other hand, his brother Ishaan is a charming bad boy, who all the girls seem to love. Shanaaya has come to Mumbai from Dehradun and is perusing her dream of becoming a musician. She was born into a rich family and is determined to pave her own way. Last but certainly not the least, is Anushka who always seems to be confused. She knows she wants to go on to be successful in life, but doesnt know how she is going to accomplish this fleet. The show has been relatively successful and has picked up a number of followers over the years. It provides youngsters with clean entertainment they can relate to and does not expose them to violence at a young age. It is appropriate for people of all ages and a good contrast to the regular comedies. Television is a huge source of entertainment to people all over the world. It offers all round entertainment for everyone. With the introduction of teen dramas as a new genre, the industry has gone one step further to increase its reach over the public. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: