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Sports-and-Recreation In prior articles we’ve discussed how to choose a tent based on considerations of weather and number of people that will be sleeping in it. In this article we’ll look at different styles of tents. There are many different tent styles available to choose from. Frame tents, ridge tents, dome tents, geodesic tents, vis-a-vis tents, hoop tents and touring tents. When you see a ridge tent you’ll probably immediately think of the cub scouts or of old military tents. Ridge tents are the most basic of tents. Due to their structure the most headroom is directly down the center of the tent. This tent is held down by guy ropes and pegs. They are very simple to set up. Frame tents are the type that most camping families use. They offer much usable space inside. They are sturdy and have a sturdy frame of lightweight poles. These tents are held down by guy ropes and pegs. Some of these tents offer separate rooms making them nice for family camping trips. Hoop tents are as implied by the name formed by a series of two or three hoops that give the tent it’s structure. It forms a tunnel of sorts. These tents tend to be lightweight and very easy to set up. They are popular with backpackers and not suggested for very windy conditions. They may also require staking. Vis-a-vis tents are very popular with family and group campers. What they do is offer separate sleeping areas on either end of the tent with a shared living space in the center, making for excellent privacy. There are two bedroom and four bedroom models. Remember our suggestions from our prior articles. First, don’t buy a tent you can’t actually enter. Go to a show room, see the tent first hand. Lie down in it, stand up in it, roll a sleeping bag out in it, then think about how many will be sleeping in it. You will need more room than you think. Also, experienced campers will tell you that you can cut the number of people the manufacturer suggests will be .fortable in the tent by half. If they say it’s a 4 person tent most likely it’ll be most .fortable for 2 people. You also have to consider the amount of gear that you’ll be taking on the trip that you’ll need to stow in the tent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: