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Textile and garment enterprises in the Pearl River Delta can not stand up? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Manufacturing demand, orders fell bitter days? Recently, Guangzhou and Shenzhen do manufacturing private bosses, in the context of the economic downturn, or transfer or sell the factory is the factory closed, the bitterness of the tragic history of entrepreneurial story, seemed to come out the. Transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in the process, to maintain what kind of position in order to smooth the factory, shift to a new stage? Everyone has a different interpretation of the eyes. The traditional industry is a big shake, are losing money every minute! Miss Wen boss is a more than and 50 year old uncle, has 20 years of doing business overseas OEM orders, a scale of 150 factories in Longgang, mainly to do the Japanese children’s clothing brand OEM production, in order to do after the production of finished goods from the factory from the raw materials, the general customer orders, to the final export goods, which have about 6 months. Not only is this year, the overall manufacturing factories in recent years is difficult to do, especially in the garment industry, high labor costs, raw materials are all on the rise, it is difficult to recruit workers, "she told reporters," now more than 90 workers, not willing to endure hardship, now every family is well-off life, and before work for the 80, 70 years later, many are back home." She said, in fact, when the boss is entrepreneurship is not easy, they are made up from the bottom, from the beginning to the workers to do business to do a documentary that’s boss, do a period of time out of their own alone or earn a lot of money, and the vision of the owner bought the land where the plant in Longgang. Over the past 10 years and so on in the coastal city of many foreign trade factory bosses, many of them are doing foreign trade business, enjoy the rising industry development dividend, the sudden riches. At present, the entire industry has been in a state of oversupply, coupled with the economic growth rate fell, only do OEM money is more and more difficult, but have the same capacity to choose lower cost is not only in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. In fact, in the past, the Chinese made clothing was labeled "poor quality, cheap" label, in the context of profitable experience to the transformation of intellectual profits, just as OEM can not adapt to changes in market demand. It is understood that, like FMCG Brand clothing, many international well-known such as H& M, Zara have large quantities of China in production to cheaper labor costs in Southeast Asia in the Pearl River Delta, professional clothing industry should take personalized brand, high-end, custom road proposals. The loss of traditional industries young Zhao Huizhou founder of the Shenzhen garment enterprises eachway fashion group said the reporter, many of the traditional crafts future may not hire people. She told reporters: "for example such as dyeing process, young people do not want to do now, workers have an average age of forty or fifty years old. In ten years, when the workers are old, they may相关的主题文章: