The 8 year old woman selling vegetables received fake money for real money hand money baxia

The 8 year old woman selling vegetables received fake money for real money hand counterfeit 85 year old uncle has received 60 yuan of hard selling counterfeit money when the woman in September 12th, in the town of Tianyuan District, a 85 year old man has received 60 yuan of hard selling counterfeit money, a cosmetics shop owner near Kanbuxiaqu, decisively out of 60 yuan the real bill and exchange, and hand counterfeit money, for such charity, people have to point praise. Vegetables uncle surnamed long, 85 years old this year, the elderly at home restless, idle love under a bit of vegetables and fruits, eat their own people, will pull a car for their own vegetables to the market to sell. The Dragon uncle said, a lot of people go to the market on the same day, a car pulled into the market of vegetables and fruits, because the fresh and cheap, very popular. The sweet potato tips, such as purslane, and he picked at the roadside wild herbs, not for a while Kung Fu will be sold out. See business so good, the Dragon uncle is very happy. The Dragon uncle counted the money to buy food, beside aunt reminded the Dragon uncle he received fake money, heard someone say they have received 20 yuan is counterfeit, the Dragon uncle found a half believe and half doubt, then 20 yuan banknote for comparison, really a little differently. Found himself received counterfeit money, the Dragon uncle a little alarmed, quickly will the day all the income out of the inventory, found in the day a total income 87 yuan, 3 with a face value of 20 dollar is false. Confirm the receipt of 60 yuan counterfeit money, the Dragon uncle very depressed. Many onlookers at the scene, have accused the hateful liar, at this moment, a woman in the crowd took out 60 dollars, go for 3 counterfeit dragon uncle hands, and on the spot to hand money. With their real money for the Dragon uncle of counterfeit money, counterfeit money also tore up on the spot. For their own money and the woman, the Dragon uncle said that he did not know, just listen to the people around said is a shop selling things in the street. The reporter was removed, a cosmetics shop in the street to see the woman, the woman surnamed Li, is a cosmetics shop owner. Ms. Li said 60 dollars is not much, even the elderly home and family sad side, contradiction. For Ms. Lee’s good intentions, the public is a point of praise. The Dragon uncle daughter in an interview with reporters the day after learning of the situation, Ms. Lee also went to the shop to thank Ms. Lee said, and will be 60 yuan money quietly back to Ms. Li, Ms. Lee and thank you for help at the time, the elderly feel calm. 60 dollars is not much, but a liar with 60 dollars to hurt the elderly heart, in violation of state law, the world has been cast aside, and Ms. Lee spent 60 dollars to comfort the old man’s heart, arouse social conscience, promote social justice, we give her praise. Source: Deyang radio and television editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: