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The 99 year old Red Army in the long march: "Huai party card", he preserved – Hubei – People’s network channel: the old Red Army Party Huai tells his experience of long march. [character] party name card Huai, formerly known as Lai Fanghuai, was born in 1917 in Jiangxi, Yudu, participated in the fourth and the fifth counter encirclement and full go through the long march road history witness. In March 1949 the director of military aviation bureau, the new China served after the founding of people’s Chinese airline managers, school principals, teachers, commander, deputy commander of the Wuhan Military Region Air Force and other staff, in 1955 was awarded the rank of major general. The old man sat quietly by the window, gazing into the distance. Nearly a hundred years of wind and frost baptism, engraved the wrinkles on his face. In late September, the reporters came to the square is located in the old Wuhan air force command Huquan retired cadres home, listening to stories of old revolutionary party. Although hearing and memory had declined, the reporter saw a small blackboard and wrote the "Long March" "Snow" and "grass", the old man’s eyes lit up, as the year that delighted with 15 year olds participated in the red army. Without a gun, the little boy was born in a poor family Huai Fang, father joined the peasant association revolution, make him a sense of longing. When the children’s heads of delegation, join the young pioneers, Fang Huai from the "red child" step by step in a small red army. In 1931, less than 14 year old Fang Huai that the Reds are recruiting, excitedly to sign up. Soldiers to see his comrades did not have a gun, advised him to grow up a little, a little taller, and then join the red army. "One year older than my cousin is very lucky, the soldiers received the!" Recalled the past, Fang Huai eyes still full of envy. In 1932, Fang Huai home again "(extended the recruitment expansion of the Red Army)". In January of that year, he finally. In September 1934, the fifth counter campaign against "encirclement and suppression" failure, the Central Red Army is about to embark on a long journey. At this time, from the Red Army into the Huai Fang Red Army, served as director of the Political Department of the club army field hospital. One day, the Red Army marched to the vicinity of the hometown Huai Yin Keng wei. He was allowed to go home to visit my family in two hours, the chance to eat dinner, hurry back. "When will you be back?" At the same time, the mother took him by the hand. Won the battle, and then come back to see you." The 17 year old boy said firmly. Another year. Mother and son reunited again, after the founding of new China in 1950. Climb mountains, a stone to save his life in the Army school, Fang Huai to grow quickly, before the start of the Long March, is a veteran of the. In the Long March, Fang Huai served as the asylum team captain. Old memories, although not in the front line, but the team is not easy to work. In addition to check the units of the discipline of the masses and urge the staff with the upper left behind outside the team, but also carry a stretcher. Over the grass, prepare at least ten pounds per person provides a higher level of dry food, the Huai party propaganda team into several groups to raise food. The old party said, these "food", some are left in the fields of barley quality, some are in the mountains, wild wild herbs collected over the grass, has become a "life-saving food". The seemingly calm grass, actually hidden danger, many people like a quagmire of tofu, a stand up sank." Sacrifice of comrade in arms相关的主题文章: