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Cesarean section on the advantages and disadvantages of Sohu maternal cesarean section, generally refers to pregnant women during pregnancy, because the mother or fetus, cannot make babies born naturally and smoothly, by the doctor to take a method of surgery surgery to remove the fetus. WHO for cesarean section is the total delivery rate of 15%, while China’s cesarean section rate is much higher than this figure, there are mainly summarized the following reasons: one is the social factors of pregnant women and their family members, due to lack of sufficient knowledge of childbirth, often have some one-sided, or even wrong understanding, such as the total that "the cesarean section smart, cesarean section does not affect the body; some pregnant women in childbirth is full of fear, fear of pain, long time contractions and oppression of the birth canal of the fetal head will affect the child’s intelligence, fear of natural childbirth can cause the birth canal and the relaxation effects of life; and it is not in the family to accompany childbirth, families do not want to wait a long time, increased the chance of cesarean delivery; on the other hand, at present, more and more obstetricians Work harder and harder, the risk is very big, but it is difficult to acquire their understanding, saying "life in death", the delivery process will have a lot of risk and uncertainty, virtually increases the risk of cesarean section. Two is the iatrogenic factors, mainly reflected in the lack of prenatal education and perinatal health knowledge education, the lack of knowledge about maternal childbirth; increasing the proportion of elderly pregnant women; reasonable indications for cesarean section increased, serious complications such as pregnancy, macrosomia; infertility prevalence rate increased, and the more the assisted reproductive technology and the "precious"; and some doctors lack of responsibility and obstetric knowledge, can not be found in time and reasonably deal with the problems in the process of production, the cesarean section rate has been high. In fact, cesarean section has its advantages and disadvantages, it is just a kind of emergency measures to solve dystocia, preservation of fetal and maternal life, although cesarean section reduces perinatal morbidity and mortality, but in cesarean section the rapid popularization of today, we should be loud and clear with cesarean section a lot of drawbacks, in some extent, the rate of cesarean section increased mean a decline in the quality of obstetric. The first cesarean section can not guarantee the safety of the baby, but also has great impact on children’s growth, and studies have shown that the cesarean section rate is 2 times of normal birth asphyxia infants, cesarean section child hyperactivity, sensitive, timid, poor coordination, clumsy-handed, class is not easy to concentrate, but also prone to this is due to pneumonia, children of caesarean birth canal without extrusion, the lack of life for the first time in tactile and proprioceptive sensory experience and learning, can not discharge the fetal lung liquid 1 / 3, which can’t breathe independently after birth, prone to "wet lung", or the occurrence of neonatal asphyxia, hyaline membrane etc.. In addition, the lack of experience in life for the first time, although it does not affect the child’s IQ, but it is easy for children to produce emotional sensitivity, lack of concentration, clumsy hands and feet and other issues. In addition, cesarean section on the mother will have a lot of adverse effects, the study found that women with caesarean birth experience decreased fertility, amniotic fluid embolism, a number of abdominal wall endometriosis相关的主题文章: