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UnCategorized For getaways in the sun, you can’t beat villa holidays for real luxury. Staying in a hotel is great, but sometimes it can feel as though you are just a room number packed in with hundreds of other guests and things can seem a little impersonal. During peak season you may have to .pete for a place around the pool and a sun bed on the beach and things can get a little crowded. Villa holidays offer you space to totally relax and do as you please, and they needn’t cost the Earth. With the mention of the word villa, most people imagine huge expensive dwellings, but in reality there are villas to suit all tastes and budgets, and a villa can be as large or as small as you would like, and can .e with or without a pool. A good way to get the most out of villa holidays is to holiday in a larger group. If a villa sleeps six people, the price will be much more reasonable if split between six people, and you will get the benefit of a large villa for less cost. Larger villas tend to have pools which are private and for the exclusive use of the residents of that villa, and so by splitting the cost of a villa more ways, you get greater benefits. Possibly one of the hardest choices with villa holidays is deciding where to go. With flights available often at bargain prices to locations all over Europe, we really are spoilt for choice. Perhaps you could holiday in Portugal’s Algarve, where the coastline is rugged and dramatic and seafood is the speciality cuisine. Local fishing boats set sail onto the Atlantic by night and sell the fruits of their labour in the early morning to the local restaurants. Lunch in a cliff-top restaurant and enjoy freshly-caught grilled sardines with a beer as you watch the waves crash below. Or perhaps you’d like to venture further afield to Turkey, where temperatures can get extremely hot in the summer. Chill out beneath a parasol during the day and sip a cocktail while enjoying the famous Turkish hospitality. Spain is still the most popular holiday destination for British holiday makers in Europe, and is a great place to enjoy sun, sand and sangria, and offers a relatively short flight time too from the UK, depending on which part of Spain you wish to holiday in. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: