The car pulled up treasure before the last chance ten blog market outlook

The car pulled up treasure before the last chance ten blog to see outlook national contest: Irving King Irving peek catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Financial News on Monday morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities to open lower, after the opening of the three major stock indexes have different amplitude go low, followed by maintaining low volatility. Due to the weekend more negative news, making the risk aversion warming gold plate higher. Intraday stock index dropping to 3080 points after the rebound, the fixed point to stabilize the situation. Afternoon brokerage stocks pulled transaction, to drive the market to meteoric rise, the stock index was above 3100. Then, time shares leading laiyifen again limit the 6 connecting plates, driven by market sentiment picked up. Stock market: cherish the last on the bus pulled before the trend opportunities, more important is the stock. Must be around the main line operation: the largest mainline is Shenzhen tong. Compared with the Shanghai and Shenzhen Tong, does not limit the amount, in fact a greater chance of future. Sun Zheng: positive shocks bottom technology on mining opportunities, the market short-term adjustment space is not large, investors can stay on the sidelines, light positions investors can wait for the new hot spots, and then choose the intervention of a strong stock of hot plate. Chang Changting: 5 good representatives of the health market has begun in fact, in 2016 the stock market than in the stock market in 2014 is still speculation, the risk of low opportunities may be greater than.2017 in this year’s market. Li Zhen: why is the rail line Niuxiong tactics and demarcation before did not change, a reminder, if close to 3200 points, the weight point can moderate attention stagflation of the banks and two barrels of oil. The trend of friends: index of the long shadow of Yang K has started to rebound index since no big problem, since the trend in concussion ready, all operation not to chase sell, just insist their operation plan. Naughty: how vulnerable to stabilize market inside? If there is no sudden bad, there will be more than 3102 points tomorrow, the market appears, so the first tomorrow will have a high point in the vicinity of the current point near the low point of today’s 3081 points appear. Yu Hui: in November, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through pension or welcome a long-term good or imminent, boost the market in November, we look forward to the November start tomorrow.. Anmin: the national team to stabilize the market index at present, nothing to say. What we can do now is to wait for the market to change. Tamana: insurance keep 3100 points adjusted enough     funds will not rush to leave such a box, then from the point of view, the exponential regression case, is brewing in the new opportunity funds maneuvers will be after the new action. Ge: follow the trend of lack of wealth rebound need time in the market tomorrow will still be the main shock, in general, for tomorrow’s market trend, I personally think that although the market today station on 3100 points, but to challenge 3140 points still need time, investors may choose to re position minus bin.   (Jiangshan) theory相关的主题文章: