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The central enterprises of industrial integration in full swing   promote fitness and health, the main focus of energy — newspaper Beijing on 6 September,     (reporter Bai Tianliang) 6 afternoon, the aircraft industry, the weapons industry, weapons and equipment, nuclear construction, the national machine group, Poly Group, China, a new Chinese in this country 8 central enterprises announced restructuring cooperation in related fields. This marks the central enterprises between industrial restructuring and consolidation in full swing, in order to promote fitness and health, the main focus of the central enterprises. It is understood that the industrial restructuring of the cooperation of 8 central enterprises include: China Aviation Industry and the national machine group is China double, a restructuring agreement, the common development of eighty thousand tons forging press project; AVIC and Poly Group reached a restructuring agreement, the aviation industry’s annual income of nearly 20 billion yuan of real estate business plan go to the group; and a heavy Chinese nuclear construction reached a business cooperation agreement, to carry out comprehensive cooperation in the main equipment of high temperature gas cooled reactor manufacturing field; the weapons industry, weapons and equipment, Chinese in new equity restructuring North Company agreed to promote the establishment of modern enterprise system, stronger in northern China, etc.. SASAC director Xiao Yaqing said that the central enterprise restructuring cooperation integration is an important way to fitness and health quality and efficiency. The main business of the central enterprises is not prominent, scattered investment, homogenization of operations, big and full problem is more prominent. The state-owned capital into the industry is too wide, the front is too long, some enterprises in the national economy 96 classes in more than and 70, the number of corporate units, the business sector is not clear, between different levels of subsidiary business cross hybrid, internal competition, the whole function of enterprise. In particular, the loss of enterprises are mainly concentrated in the following 5 levels, operating risks, the emergence of a large number of inefficient inefficient assets, zombie companies and long-term loss of business. To promote the integration of industrial restructuring cooperation between the central enterprises, is conducive to optimizing the organizational structure, focus on the advantages of industry development, strengthen the core business profitability and risk control ability, effectively enhance the management level and operational efficiency. The central enterprises in the way of industrial integration between business integration, asset restructuring, equity cooperation, asset replacement, free transfer, transfer agreements, strategic alliances, joint development of a variety of ways, the target is the coordinated development of win-win cooperation.   (commissioning editor: Du Yanfei, Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: