The Cost Of Surrogacy And Using A Surrogate Mother-restorator

UnCategorized Though there are many benefits of surrogacy, the cost of surrogacy is indeed not one of them. Intended parents pay dearly for the opportunity to hold their own baby in their arms, and the financial aspect of surrogacy unfortunately puts such a journey out of reach for many who face infertility. A typical gestational surrogacy journey can cost between $50,000-100,000. Though some intended parents pay less than $50,000, and some pay more than $100,000, most will find themselves somewhere in this range, and should expect to pay this amount, even if they are lucky enough not to. At first glance, it may seem as though the cost of surrogate mother are to blame for this outlay of funds by the intended parents, but the surrogate fee is a small amount of that total dollar figure. There are many other factors that need to be considered when examining the cost of surrogacy. First, there are the legal fees. Every surrogacy arrangement will need to have at least two lawyers involved. The intended parents will need an attorney to draw up their contract, represent them throughout the journey, and get the birth certificate and various other legalities taken care of for the baby’s birth. The surrogate mother will need a separate attorney to examine her contract and represent her throughout the journey. The financial obligation of both attorneys is the intended parents. The surrogate is not required to pay for her own attorney. Then, there is the surrogacy agency. An agency will not charge a surrogate mother a fee, but, if an agency is used, the intended parents will pay this expense, ranging from a couple thousand dollars to well over ten. An agency handles services such as matching a surrogate mother with intended parents, screening and background checks, clinic coordination, and escrow. The IVF clinic is a large portion of the expenses involved in surrogacy. Between the egg retrieval, the embryo transfer, and the medications used for both procedures, intended parents can expect to spend the most funds during this process. If an egg retrieval or embryo transfer fails, then these expenses need to be paid again. Medical bills, insurance, and typical pregnancy expenses also play a part in the fees that intended parents will need to pay when figuring out the cost of surrogacy. This can tack on thousands to a journey. And finally, the surrogate fee will be added on. A typical first-time surrogate mother will receive $18,000-22,000 in .pensation. An experienced surrogate will receive more. Intended parents who pursue surrogacy are not necessarily the rich and privileged. Instead, they are most likely a set of hard-working, middle class people who are driven to making their ultimate dream .e true: their family. Many sacrifice things such as savings accounts, new cars, vacations, bigger homes or go into debt with a home equity loan or credit cards in order to make the dream of surrogacy a reality. And hopefully, when this experience is over, they take home with them a new baby, and the beginning of their future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: