The generals Manchester United cannot afford losing streak must win the Carling Cup (video)-headache怎么读�

The generals: Manchester United cannot afford losing the League Cup win Manchester United must be eager to massive pressure on the header box Fellaini fired the first shot for Manchester United up Tencent Fellaini in the Premier League Sports News September 20th suffered 3 defeats, United now into an unprecedented crisis, in this regard, the Belgian midfielder Marouane Fellaini frankly admitted, and hope the team get out of the doldrums. After losing the Manchester derby and in the Champions League against Feyenoord after last weekend, Mourinho was the League 1-3 loss to the lowly Waterford, Fellaini pointed out that, like Manchester United club cannot afford losing streak, now they must cheer up immediately. In an interview with SFR television, Fellaini said: "we can say that the team is facing a crisis, because a club like Manchester United can not lose 3 games in a row." This week, Manchester United will be represented in the League Cup against Northampton league team Bei’an, Fellaini, although the United player now depressed, but will improve their performance in the game. Fellaini said: "yes, now morale is very low, but we are men, we must stand together to show their courage, consecutive games make it difficult, but we must be ready on Wednesday, we need to concentrate, although a very depressed, but like I said we must stand up and fight, and show our confidence." Fellaini also revealed the game at half-time Mourinho how to encourage the players cheer: "midfielder in the locker room, the coach told us to stand up and fight with confidence, and we did this, and got the goal, more importantly, the team’s offensive rhythm back, we need from the first minute do it now." (Romario)相关的主题文章: