The girl was mother cut neck cut finger mother jumped by stealing money from-小坂めぐる

The girl was mother cut neck cut finger mother self mutilation is receiving rescue injured jumping Xiaolian according to the network diagram in November 13th for stealing money, the rescue of the Southwest Medical University Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for three days and nights, Yibin city Nanxi District Liu Bin Xiang Xiaolian (a pseudonym) 10 year old girl was finally out of danger. The evening of November 10th, the mother (the pro aunt) Feng Wanrong suspected of stealing a knife with a small lotus, its neck, and cut off his right hand fingers. After the incident, Feng Wanrong himself cut wrist and neck and jumped from the third floor, fortunately caught her husband Wang Senhong, but Wang Senhong had been injured. Currently, a total of three were treated in the hospital, Yibin, Nanxi police have been involved in the investigation of the matter. The mother injured female after jumping, caught by her husband November 10th 18 PM, who lives in Nanxi, Liu Bin Xiang Hua Bang is Yuanba villagers had to pack up and suddenly see the opposite neighbor Wang Senhong home upstairs, Wang Senhong’s wife Feng Wanrong was covered with blood, turn on the roof. "Sister Feng to jump, intolerable!" Zeng Hua shouted loudly, but did not stop the behavior of Feng Wanrong. Wang Senhong, who had just returned from the outside, stepped into the room before he heard the shouting from his neighbor. He quickly ran out, looked up to the roof, his wife Feng Wanrong has fallen, Wang Senhong instinctively stretched out his arms, will catch Feng Wanrong. Subsequently, Wang Senhong fell to the ground unconscious. Neighbor He Maoying, Zeng Hua et al to list Wang Yuanba, saw Feng Wanrong and Wang Senhong has collapsed to the ground, remain unconscious. "The baby?" When the crowd began to rush two emergency, looked up and saw the 10 year old Xiao Lian feebly lying on the two floor window, Manlianshixue, has no sound. The neighbors rushed upstairs, the Xiaolian hold down, the neck was cut, blood DC, repeatedly mouth said no words, right hand palm is badly mutilated, there has been lack of finger cut off. After receiving the alarm, Nanxi District Public Security Bureau police station and local village officials to stay away from the village to rescue, Nanxi District People’s hospital sent two ambulances rushed to the scene to rescue. Since Nanxi and Yibin do not have the hospital rescue of patients with neck injury condition, the night will be sent to a local hospital in Nanxi Xiaolian Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Luzhou Medical University in southwest rescue. Feng Wanrong with a wrist and neck cut, was sent to Nanxi people’s Hospital; Wang Senhong impact injury, also admitted to hospital. Life hurts mother, aunt is November 13th, Grandpa Wang Zhi Lian Lin Road pointing to a house two floor, told the Chengdu Daily reporter, in the evening, Feng Wanrong took home kitchen knife in her bedroom for her daughter brandished a knife. Wang Jiazhi said, three people have at home at the time, grandma Deng Qingquan downstairs in the kitchen, a granddaughter and daughter in the upstairs, did not hear the quarrel and call for help before the incident, the family did not know what happened between the two conflicts. It is understood that Feng Wanrong is a pro Nanxi Town, who had a marriage. More than and 10 years ago, Feng Wanrong and her two year old Wang Senhong married, married without fertility. Feng Wanrong and Xiaolian not ordinary mother daughter relationship, Feng Wanrong is pro aunt xiaolian. Wang Senhong told Chengdu business daily.相关的主题文章: