The harder it is to play! Inventory m properties of the United States

The harder it is to play! Inventory M attribute beauty girl "M property" means? In fact, the word comes from "Masochism", which means that when someone is beating or listening to a language, it feels great". What? Some people ask this is not very "abnormal"? How could someone in being beaten when not feel uncomfortable, but feel happy? In fact, however, there is such a person exists! Not only in reality, in the two dimensional world, but also more exaggerated. Today we take a look at the animation which "M" beautiful girl! 1: the crime of wood ("Mandarin on breaking 3" projectile despair, voiced by Kayano Aii)…… See this figure we do not misunderstand, this is not what the legend of bundled PLAY bad map, but the sister was forcibly taken to a place when someone accidentally tied up like this…… That’s what it is…… The girl named sin wood tangerines, she is a "super university level health care committee", is very good at taking care of others, treatment of injuries, can treat simple disease, with similar "nurse". Her appearance is an irregular long hair, white apron, sweet and lovely appearance, as well as a hot figure. A little clumsy, crime wood Mandarin bold, get nervous, panicked, I can do things well, so often bullied by others, so dare to look like someone else, someone shouted, she will be scared crying apology "sorry holding the head! I’m sorry!"…… Oh, sister, because you are always so cowardly will be bullied ah! After meeting the shield, the crime seems broken orange wood, not only their skills also rose, always a very bad feeling, even if the shield is sub abuse, she also apologize face is full of happiness, alas, other do not say, the first civilization ball……! 2: sarutobi calamus ("gintama") Kobayashi Yuu Akira) sarutobi calamus is a very beautiful, she has a grey pupil and purple hair, wearing red glasses, right eye and beauty, figure is convex…… Tall and tall beautiful woman! Such a beautiful woman can rely on to attract a lot of fans when the yen value, but to the "silver soul" is to go and metamorphosis funny line, her high myopia is a laugh, known as "not even the glasses can not see tomorrow", often in the works of people admit. The biggest feature is also sarutobi calamus "M properties" in front of her, silver is a one hundred percent M shake, always in front of him to bundle himself, also keeps track of silver! However, although the love will be carried away a little abnormal, the role is still very attractive, though she usually very funny funny, but at the crucial moment very heavy friendship, and can play. It is even the original author said that "if you want to talk about love as 2005"! 3: mukuro ("broken" "theory on the projectile projectile breaking 3 Desperate", Toyoguchi Emi Akira) mukuro is a university level military combat capability, high strength, very can play, once belonged to a member of "Lille Fen" – it is said that this group of mercenary mercenary team each player has the ability to one hundred enemy oh! Doesn’t sound too strong! However, the combat tactics Henla is a super woman.]相关的主题文章: