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The man lived in Shennongjia for 22 years for savage   had scratched face black bear — Environmental Protection — original title: men live in Shennongjia for 22 years had been scratched Zhang Jinxing savage face black bear suspected savage hair Zhang Jinxing photographed suspected savage feces Zhang Jinxing, the first person to explore folk Chinese savage. In 1994, he went to Shennongjia to find the savages at their own expense, every year in the deep mountains and forests alone in life for nearly 10 months, the beast, wild fruit, brave the wind and dew. He has been with the mysterious land of Shennongjia for 22 years. 22 years, he has collected more than 100 suspicious hair, found more than 3 thousand suspicious footprints, said he met several times with the savage, and beard Mingzhi: "don’t unlock the mystery, not shaving!" In Shennongjia, Zhang Jinxing was known as Zhang savage, he also became a well-known than the wild Shennongjia business card. Zhang Jinxing said that he will be used in this life to find wild people, never give up. Recently, this reporter went to Shennongjia, field visits the Taishan Zhang Venus "like life. In this paper, the Guangzhou Daily reporter Xiao Huanhuan at noon to call Zhang Jinxing, he said he was in Shennongjia field investigation, to go down the mountain at night. Zhang Jinxing’s appearance is so special, almost 1 meter 9 tall, a camouflage, the body exudes a pungent smell of sweat, clothes still had weeds and soil. "I’m sorry, sweating too much." Zhang Jinxing laughed a little embarrassed. Find the most eye-catching beard Mingzhi savage Zhang Jinxing or his trademark beard, the beard is about 20 cm long, with white flowers. Zhang Jinxing said, his beard Mingzhi, did not find the "savage" not to shave beard when the longest one foot long, because eating beard will stick in the bowl, then put some short beard Zhang venus. Year round in the mountains of the wind blows the sun, Zhang Jinxing’s skin becomes dark, sunburn sunburn, showing a dark red. Just sit down in the shed, Zhang Jinxing gudonggudong even drink a few slobber, a kilo of water, he drank all his carry bag climbing in the mud, sat on the ground. "Too tired, the age is big, run a day also some can not eat." Mountaineering bags placed tents, kettle, flashlight, camera, and in the field of simple gas stove to boil water for cooking. Before the back of seventy or eighty pounds of equipment climbing, playing with the same. But not now." Zhang Jinxing is located in Shennongjia Muyu town’s original and humble. A wooden hut, covered with thatch door, only one person through, which would put a bed, a table, house lizard on the wall to climb. For such a simple condition, Zhang Jinxing is very open to see. Engage in outdoor adventure, is to find the crime, I lived in the mountains for more than 20 years, is still alive, not eaten by wild animals, it is a miracle." At night, the birds and insects chirping, the air was filled with the smell of wild fruit and soil. Zhang Jinxing stood in the darkness, micro eyes closed, white beard in the light breeze, look around the "Symphony")相关的主题文章: