The most curious world eight airlines! Do you know which flight attendants are better than Sohu

The most curious world eight airlines! Do you know what to wear than airline stewardess – Sohu tourism each flight aboard experience are mostly similar, unless you happen to book a company following in the air. Whether you’re a social media victim, a devout Muslim, or a Kitty cat fan, there’s always an airline to meet you. Here’s a look at the recent past us head of the adventures of the planes! Suitable for a sense of humor passengers: Kurula air South Africa’s cheap aviation is known for its distinctive sense of humor, as well as its bright green Boeing fleet. The aircraft on the aircraft with the "flight entry" (Flying 101) painted, painted on the fuselage of a variety of characters, the introduction of various parts of the aircraft’s name and function. There are some other spoof slogans, similar to fly up, etc.. On the plane, the crew will respond to passengers in a humorous manner, such as: "please note that we do not want a mother or son", etc.. In 2011, Kulula Prince William and Kate in the occasion of the upcoming wedding, with a group of cows as a souvenir. Kate’s family had to create a great sensation. The Internet is full of funny marketing campaigns. Although the Kulula in the air when the love joke, but it is said that Kulula has a good safety record. For Muslim passengers: Rayani Rajani, the first airline to fly at the end of last year, was the first airline in Malaysia to comply with the teachings of islam. The company strictly abide by the tenets of Islam: prohibition, only provide halal food, women must cover the hair and so on. Not only that, they also pray before taking off. Although this is popular in most Muslim groups in Malaysia, Rayani Air recently caused a lot of controversy over the security problems caused by the handwritten boarding pass. The airline is not the first of its kind in the region, and Saudi Arabia and Iran have been operating a similar type of airline. For Hello Kitty fans sister: Eva air Taiwan Eva air Hello Kitty fan culture rising to new heights. EVA is part of the whole machine to Kitty aircraft equipped with the cat as the theme, almost no one is to see the cat Kitty. Kitty cat theme extended to toilet paper, linen, cutlery, and even food menu, while Hello Kitty is painted the words painted on the appearance of the aircraft. EVA Airways launched its latest fleet in the last year, an aircraft called Hello Kitty star "Boeing 777, opened to Houston, Taipei and Singapore airlines. Although EVA is not a special Budget airline company, but it has a good safety record and a large group of fans. For passengers who need high altitude care: Malta Airlines is suitable for passengers who want to have a more comfortable ride on the road even if they are economy class,.相关的主题文章: