The music and the national security in 9 months to break up the contradiction or because of a contro stellarium

The music and the national security in 9 months to break up the contradiction or because of a controlling stake in 9 months fell in love with music as national security reporter Liu Jia broke the news, the national security has identified future security will be by three companies of common ownership, including ant payment service. However, this argument has not been confirmed by the Ant King and the national security service was established 23 years of Beijing Guoan Football team, the new season this year for the first time, Beijing Guoan Football team as the name of the super stadium. However, Beijing Guoan Football Club and the music as the two love only lasted 9 months. The public relations department authorized sports CEO leizhen music as a sword on the "First Financial Daily" said in response: "music as sports has been in accordance with the contract payment, the two sides did not reach agreement on the core terms, resulting in no further cooperation on equity." As for the core terms specifically refers to what the other did not respond. Previously, Lei Zhenjian for national security evaluation, "national security (Sports) in our whole industry chain which is basically the last piece of the puzzle." Guoan Club honorary chairman ronin announced that: Guoan through capital increase, rather than equity transfer way to expand the club’s capital. New shareholders will be announced in the near future, not overseas capital. The origin of the contradictions: or because the title control equity value of 100 million, 1 years of age, is the beginning of music and national security strategic cooperation. However, in the middle of the season, there were signs of a breakdown in the partnership. In July this year, Beijing Guoan Football Club general manager Shen Li published a diagram with text in the personal social platform said: "self-reliance, hard work; no illusions, ready to fight." Led to the outside world as a result of cooperation with the music as a guess. There is news that the direct cause of cracks is, after the two sides signed the agreement, LETV has played two times for the country, a total of 50 million, 20 million, 30 million, 100 million "half naming fees". Another is that, the two sides agreed the 100 million Title costs, 50 million is included in the equity section was reached after the cost shares contract. Subsequently, Cronin denied, and said: "the situation is not like the report said, don’t listen to those who do not have the official rumor, these are speculation." In September this year, Cronin said in an interview, the capital has entered the final stage, says he is talking about the relationship between music and time: "there is no contradiction between us. Later, the actual situation is difficult, can not give money. Before talking very well, then put it down in black and white are written on the contract, but there is no money, we can’t help." Speculation that the core terms are likely to be holding the problem. Especially this season, the national security results and poor. Football commentator Zhu Yumin has commented on micro-blog, "at the beginning of the season made a better vision to boost the worth of a bubble, was bullish futures into free fall." One argument is: as the music hopes to be able to control more. As the music wants to get 51% of the controlling power, in order to master the right to speak. But the national security aspects of the music as early as possible相关的主题文章: