The new car safety standards improve or become the standard tire pressure monitoring 519697

To improve the car safety standard or a standard tire pressure monitoring before the "performance requirements for passenger car tire pressure monitoring system and test methods" by the mandatory technical examination of national standards, the National Standards Commission approved the implementation of the official release. This means that the tire pressure monitoring system will become mandatory "standard for new cars". The "Big Dipper" message, on behalf of the tire pressure monitoring is no longer a luxury car or car with exclusive. In fact, the reporter found that, with the cost of technology to reduce the country to improve the safety standards for new cars, more high-tech configuration will be popular to Volkswagen models. Why to "standard"? More than half of the accident caused by burst earlier, ordinary vehicles have tire pressure monitoring function, or in need of extra money to buy expensive assembly, or thousands of dollars or even several million with models directly. Guangzhou owner Mr. Chen Teng, is the car after the extra 3000 yuan with tire pressure monitoring. Today, tire pressure monitoring and airbags will be the same as the new car free standard configuration. Reporters learned that the Ministry of industry, the reason why the standard committee tire pressure monitoring is set as a mandatory configuration of the new car, because the driver can monitor tire pressure at all times to ensure the tire pressure is in the normal range, reducing the probability of casualties. Reporters from the Ministry of public security of previously published data was informed that the highway traffic accidents in China every year, more than half of puncture caused by high speed, speed of 120 kilometers per hour, once the front tire, the mortality rate of nearly 100%. Bridgestone tire engineer told reporters: in addition to tire damage, puncture, whether the tire pressure is too high or too low, risk of tire are quite high, once occurred in high speed tire, drivers often frightened and lack of proper strain treatment, can also cause great interference to other sections of the same vehicle, resulting in a fatal accident. Engineers believe that once the tire pressure monitoring, the driver will be able to know, time of tire maintenance or tire pressure is adjusted by simple inflation or deflation. The Ministry said that the tire pressure monitoring is an active safety system, in addition to prevent blowout accident, can prolong the service life of the tyre, keep the vehicle fuel economy and reduce wear of suspension system. Data show that, if only to keep the normal pressure by using tire, every year can save fuel consumption by 1 million 10 thousand tons, saving fuel costs 7 billion 600 million yuan. Tip: don’t pay extra for the "standard" reporters often Readers Advisory: why do some mandatory standard configuration in foreign countries, to the country has been streamlined, or only in the top models? The reason is because the domestic not expressly require the installation of these configurations must be enforced. For example, the most popular ESP (vehicle stability system), the sale of the European Union and the United States, Canada, Australia on the current car, will be forced with ESP, the figures show that since November 2014 the implementation of compulsory car equipped with ESP, only one year, ESP stopped 33000 traffic accidents occurred, save more than 1 thousand lives, although it was only about 40% of the car by ESP. Tire pressure monitoring system, but also the United States, the European Union, South Korea has mandatory installation相关的主题文章: