The Ningbo defense held strong rainfall video conference to start flood emergency response level

The Ningbo defense held strong rainfall video conference to start flood emergency response grade is influenced by "hippocampus" residual clouds and cold air, heavy rains in some areas of the city in two days before the last. At 6:20 yesterday, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow rainstorm warning signal yesterday 12, Shifang Zhi start flood emergency response grade. Yesterday afternoon, Shifang Zhi held a video conference, the deployment of special defense work, requiring all departments at all levels to conscientiously implement the spirit of the instructions of the leadership of major provinces and cities, the establishment of the dead people, less injury, less loss of the goals and to prevent secondary disasters caused by heavy rainfall in key. Consultation and analysis pointed out that currently has several adverse factors need attention: one is the city is currently in the non flood season tradition, the cadres and the masses generally believe that the heavy rainfall is unlikely, but it is the weekend, the thought is easy to creep; two flow field an invigorating autumn climate more staff, personnel safety management tasks are relatively heavy; three according to the typhoon, the typhoon affected the autumn of the city is relatively large, typhoon cloud is very likely with the cold air in the Hangzhou Bay area near the "met", the formation of strong rainfall obviously. Shifang Zhi asked all localities and departments attach great importance to ideology, and resolutely overcome the paralysis of thought a good anti rain, rain and even heavy rain to strive to typhoon disaster losses to a minimum. Departments at all levels must highlight defense priorities, the flash floods and geological disasters in Mountain Watershed as a priority among priorities of defense, to be transferred at any time to implement the preparation of personnel; flash floods and geological disasters small watershed inspection responsibilities, encryption inspection of mountain flood prone areas, geological disaster prone, once found dangerous timely early warning, timely organized evacuation; geological disasters in mountainous areas hidden points, dilapidated houses, sheds and other staff yesterday before 18 to evacuate to a safe area; at the same time make personnel gradient transfer scheme, make the relevant personnel at any time withdraw from the area of concern for. Proof requirements, strengthen the work of urban waterlogging prevention plain and flood prone areas, urban management, housing, transportation and other departments to underground facilities, transportation facilities, drainage facilities, dilapidated, low-lying, suburban again check waterlogging prevention as the focus, the weak link of combing make strong row of emergency preparedness, reconstruction the countryside and the city, to strengthen the investigation supervision, to avoid casualties; to strengthen information dissemination, through radio, television and newspaper, mobile phone text messages, Internet and other media, issued a flood warning information in a timely manner, improve the social awareness and flood control and emergency rescue capacity of the masses. Yesterday afternoon, the city Bureau of land and resources and the Meteorological Bureau jointly issued a Geological Hazard Meteorological Risk Reminder, the recent frequent rainfall, soil water saturation in the mountains, there is the possibility of geological disasters. Please pay close attention to local rainfall, combined with the local actual timely start emergency response, increase the hazard investigation and inspection efforts to implement various prevention measures to ensure the safety of people’s life and property.相关的主题文章: