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The sequel was chopped! DreamWorks Animation called "crazy primitive 2" production – Sohu   entertainment; DreamWorks Animation called "crazy primitive 2" production (source: time entertainment news network) Sohu high-profile "crazy primitive 2" recently by universal pictures and DreamWorks Animation called America officially stopped, according to U.S. media reports, DreamWorks has more than 30 staff and making the project communication, hope they can go to the company’s other animation projects. According to this trend, the original 2 may not meet the audience. Before the film from the original 2017 schedule, the delay to release in 2018, and now is the film side officially halted, ill fated. "Crazy" primitive man in March 22, 2013 the North American release, after North America won $187 million at the box office, the global total of $587 million, was in the Chinese mainland market with 390 million yuan at the box office, is the reputation bumper box office works. Foreign media speculated that the second might shut down and the first film at the domestic box office has not reached the expected relationship. Of course, this will inevitably have the dream of the impact of the acquisition of DreamWorks animation. However, in April this year, DreamWorks Animation was acquired by Custer Kang group, DreamWorks Animation Film by universal pictures to the issue, the company also has many personnel changes, did not think of "crazy primitive 2" ultimately affected. But this does not mean that the film really goodbye to the big screen, there will be the right time to restart the project is also possible.相关的主题文章: