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Well | soul may be the best food I eat and drink well – package Sohu donburi soul, this word is China ancient words, from the Oracle, the earliest meaning is Dan, later became a well meaning, so the pronunciation is Dan or Jing, then the word spread to Japan, the word in Japan Dong read mean GaiFan is a bowl put three points in two Steamed Rice, Steamed Rice cover food with rice, rice is a kind of diet culture is very common and popular in Japan, has a very long history and tradition. Donburi soul is a flagship store before the Japanese style of rice in Taiwan, has set up more than ten years, has ten years of experience in Taiwan pork rice, award-winning. The rice dish with pork, are now burning, fresh and delicious. With Japanese sauce, Korean edible methods, western style exquisite wobble, multi fusion, director of his own. The chef is very strict, at least two years of apprenticeship, to start cooking pork rice. Food is elegant, compared with ordinary egg egg prices higher than the highest level of wild soil egg, selected after screening Steamed Rice plump glossy Thai fragrant rice taste and flavor, are unusual. Donburi soul position in the Xiamen tigers in Zhongshan Road city two floor belongs to the semi open, simple decoration are refined, the painting on the wall is also very interesting, to the location of 2-4 seats, shopping hungry, eat a delicious and convenient rice meal, appropriate. The first drink a beverage, colorful fruit soda, sweet refreshing, riotous with colour, good-looking and delicious. To taste the fresh and tasty appetizers, flax and flax okra delicious tofu, Taiwan sausage. The next start tasting packages, the package in addition to rice, fruit, also collocation soup, vegetables, is well equipped. Dice donburi filet steak, beef diced cooked, tasty and can lock the juice, meat component is not small, real materials, and a whole cut soil egg, a package. Baseball ribs are big rice, the package of a rib sallow color fragrant is very attractive, collocation is the increase of the hot spring egg sushi, fragrance tender seaweed meal and delicious ribs is really perfect, not the delicious. Mapo pork rice, fragrant sesame gouwei Mapo Tofu with delicate delicious pork, I still have a love of the eggs, easily put a bowl of rice is not eliminated, Steamed Rice can add oh! The sunrise Steamed Rice covered with fragrant pork rice, large thick beef, the amount is enough, they can not see the Steamed Rice, beef and then put a soft boiled egg yolk, like the morning sun rises above the horizon, good-looking and delicious. Pork curry rice, fragrant curry, big tasty beef, a tender eggs, good curry lovers. Eel eel rice, good taste and delicate pieces, that is the entrance, collocation is salty fish and cooking eggs, a complete stop. In addition to package, can be single point entrees and snack, exploding cheese chicken chunks of golden, crispy chicken shell inside the delicate and juicy, crisp fried squid Q.相关的主题文章: