The Taiwan Affairs Office of mainland tourists dropped on the hot ten mention of the 92 consensus – ca1806

The Taiwan Affairs Office of mainland tourists dropped on the hot ten mention of the "92 consensus" – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 14 (Lu Mei Zhang Xiaoxi) Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council this summer after the first press conference held in Beijing 14. A spokesman for Ma Xiaoguang mentioned in the question and answer the whole "92 consensus" for more than ten times, and refers to it as a continuation of NPC and CPPCC consultation and liaison mechanism "passphrase". The conference has 18 questions, involving mainland tourists to Taiwan, cross-strait interaction NPC and CPPCC dropped shut down, "7? 19" burning car incident, the forces of "Taiwan independence" manipulated "joining", the cross-strait economic and trade cooperation forum, Taiwanese investment protection and many other hot spots. The relations between the two sides after the DPP stagnated, Ma Xiaoguang stressed that the DPP authorities refused to recognize the "92 consensus", do not agree with both sides belong to one China, unilaterally undermine cross-strait common political basis, led to the shut down communication mechanism of two systems, 8 years of peaceful development of Cross Straits relations good momentum and achievements have been seriously affected. He pointed out that, in the principle of safeguarding state sovereignty and territorial integrity, China will as solid as rocks, attitude consistent from beginning to end. Cai Yingwen, at the golden gate said there had been no "mistress" not today’s cross-strait exchanges, Ma Xiaoguang clearly pointed out that "mistress" just Kinmen and Matsu and Fujian coastal areas of exchanges, the DPP authorities in Taiwan and the golden horse civilianscalled for people from all walks of life for the positive, under pressure and open. The two sides really establish mutual trust and good dialogue, and promote the realization of a comprehensive and direct cross-strait three links is the thing after 2008, based on the "92 consensus". Ma Xiaoguang in answer to a reporter about Taiwan visitors dropped when the problem pointed out that the Taiwan authorities refused to recognize the "92 consensus", leading to the peaceful development of cross-strait situation not easily won is damaged, its influence is in many aspects. In a period of time of mainland residents to Taiwan tourism decline is one reflection. About Taiwan can participate in this month at the end of the International Civil Aviation Conference, Ma Xiaoguang directed, Taiwan authorities do not recognize the embodiment of a China principle of the "92 consensus", shutdown cross-strait communication mechanisms, the related problems cannot be processed. The mechanism for NPC and CPPCC shut down, the spokesman pointed out that in September 12th the ARATS letter to the SEF and there is no "92 consensus" of this "passphrase". Only the Taiwan authorities formally authorized to confirm the SEF ARATS adhere to the "92 consensus" that embodies a China principle of political base, NPC and CPPCC negotiation and contact mechanism can be continued; "cross-strait relations depends on the Taiwan authorities decide on what path to follow, between an idea." Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that talk about cross-strait trade and cultural forum and the relations, Lu Fang is willing to oppose "Taiwan independence" on the common political basis of adhering to the "92 consensus", continue to maintain and develop the relationship between China and inter party exchanges, to enhance mutual trust, deepen exchanges and cooperation. For the "Taiwan independence" forces to promote the manipulation of Taiwan joining the United Nations issues, U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and the green camp legislators invited Darai to visit Taiwan, Ma Xiaoguang clearly expressed resolute opposition. Taiwan prosecutors recently published the "7? 19" tour bus, serious fire)相关的主题文章: