The thirteen International Forum on China’s manufacturing industry from lean to intelligent-spyair

The thirteen International Forum on China manufacturing issues: from the lean to the smart Sina Financial News thirteenth China Manufacturing International Forum will be held on September 27-29 in Tianjin Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center held a forum, to build a new eco – industry innovation, intelligence, value "as the subject, around the" from lean to smart "," lean education "," intelligent manufacturing implementation "and" quality of platform solutions, C2B flexible manufacturing system solutions "five major points discussed, the total time is close to 20, including the main forum, parallel special, closed door meeting, private Dong Nocturne, sharing sessions, roundtables, covering the size of the topic 80. China’s version of the "industrial 4" planning "made in China" after the introduction of the 2025, began to comprehensively promote the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power. "China manufacturing 2025" clearly pointed out, through government guidance, integration of resources, the implementation of the national manufacturing innovation center construction, strong industrial base, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation and other five major projects, to achieve long-term constraints in the development of manufacturing industry key common technology breakthrough, enhance the overall competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry. However, we must face the fact that the majority of enterprises are still in the 2 stage, the degree of mechanization is not enough, information technology behind. In the next ten years to implement the "industrial 2" and "3 industrial popularization", "4 industrial demonstration" parallel strategy, in this process, the lean management is an important part that can not be ignored. Lean management is the enterprise strong foundation, steady growth, promoting a first-class transformation, an important starting point, but also realize the enterprise healthy and harmonious sustainable development, the only way which must be passed for intelligent manufacturing. With the development of digital technology, many ideas of lean management can be realized by digital, and lean management is the intelligent part of digital manufacturing. If the enterprise can objectively and reasonably evaluate their enterprise’s production capacity, production characteristics, production strengths in product design can avoid the shortcomings of their own, with their own strengths, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises, and to build a rival threshold. Where do you get this information and do data analysis? The answer is: through digital, lean production, transmission of correct data. Through the lean production, the enterprise can collect a series of standardized data and reference frame, such as the beat, the model change, the logistics transportation, the procurement, the design, the production cost, the rejection rate, and so on. The first to promote lean management, specialized in engaged in the whole value chain, lean lean, intelligent information and intelligent education consultancy system solutions based on intelligent manufacturing abrain that is lean, by addressing the underlying issues from the quality, cost and efficiency, bring a "quick response", to achieve the production of customized the purpose of personalized. The data show that the industrial enterprise profit growth rate was down trend, there are three reasons: the slow growth of product sales, costs rose faster than sales growth, lower prices squeeze profit space, and lean management is to take the customer as the core, through the supply chain research and development, manufacturing, quality, management, improve production efficiency and reduce cost drive on, real intelligent manufacturing相关的主题文章: