The Utopia of Chinese family education 18 thousand students studying at home tsumori chisato

Chinese family education Utopia: 18 thousand students at home to school at the age of 17 Han Baichuan from the beginning, leaving school, home to learn. All this is Han love painting, he has just finished his work. Han Baichuan’s desk at home. In Helen’s house is a mess, father Yu Jianjun in different corners of the room and put a lot of basket for holding basin books, 14 year old daughter to do what can get foreign masterpiece or writer works. The walls are almost invisible to the original color, which is full of figures and geometric figures. 17 years old boy Han Baichuan’s room was also learning table about five meters square, like a small laboratory: two computer, a iPad, a drawing board, digital camera, headset, microphone, comic sketches, books, and open the electrical components. Unlike most Chinese children who get up and go to school every day, they go to school at home". The first grade school, in addition to the middle classes in short, Helen has 7 years of study at home. All day Han school leavers, has 5 years of home schooling. For them and their parents, home is far more than just a haven of rest, it is a Utopia to explore new ways of teaching. This batch of small family in the personal independence of conduct, leading to their ideal education on the road ahead, even though they struggled, but most have to accept the "failure" of the ending. Yu smile and Han Baichuan is one of the rare stick. "Like gambling" Han rivers decision very suddenly, had just started soon, he proposed to his family to go home and study. His reason is only one sentence: "too much homework, I do not have the time to do their own thing", he likes the thing is not high school education, college entrance examination will not involve painting and programming. After the mother heard the first reaction is against, "study well, why do you want to drop out?" Han Baichuan from an early age, primary school grade three or four had passed the first grade, so even in the college entrance examination in Shandong Province, the mother has never doubted his son can enter a good university. Han rivers mother brought up by the grandparents, spoiled, into social work from the opera school. Her son’s control has always been loose, Han Baichuan picked up his clothes since childhood. "Parents have a child is actually a big child with children live together, have to grow up." She was refined and cultured, the tone is humble. This kind of education based on the concept of one family in a calm mood to discuss a few days, although there are all sorts of worry, see son opinion firm, she agreed to try. "Since he doesn’t want to go to school, forcing him to go to school will not have a good result, just take a risk, like gambling." Bihan rivers dropped out two years earlier, Anhui Province, the first grade primary school students were home to the father smiled. Yu Jianjun is a university teacher, he understood that children’s education is healthy, natural, happy, so he did not let his daughter before primary school to learn any book knowledge. However, the harsh environment, intense competition for admission, the child’s starting line draw more early, in a primary school students found a smile on the majority of students have long been tutoring math and English, she became a learning slag Ru相关的主题文章: