The Youth League Shenzhen 11 points wins battle Beijing won the third crown eight years-ca1816

The Youth League Shenzhen 11 points wins battle eight years Beijing won the third crown Shenzhen youth team won the Youth League today, 2016 National Youth Basketball League finals ended in Beijing, Beijing, in the face of home court battle youth team, Shenzhen youth team in the first half of 2 points behind, the second half complete reversal, and ultimately to 69-58 beat, with 9 straight victories won the championship. This is also the Shenzhen youth team following the 2009 and 2012, the third champion gains in the National Basketball League in the youth. Although the Shenzhen team in the group phase opener defeated by 13 points over the Beijing team, and previously in Xichang heats has two victory over the Beijing team, but in today’s finals, the Shenzhen team is not playing Everything is going smoothly. The first section was made 10 points Shenzhen team suffered a scoring drought in the second quarter, the single only scored 10 points, but the home court battle Beijing team to seize the opportunity to score to 39-37. "The second our chance to attack it, but failed to score some balls." About second knots is reversed, the Shenzhen youth team coach Zheng Yonggang after the game concluded, "in defence, we also had some problems, the surrender and pledge allegiance to the Beijing team." After a half room adjustment, the Shenzhen team in the latter two games played their own strengths and expertise, and ultimately defeated the opponent to win the championship 69-58. "The second half of the third quarter and the fourth quarter, we change a senior small inside, Shen Zijie protection rebounds, Liu Rong, Bai Haotian, Zifeng Chunqing, Li Bairun two, two and two, lifting speed." Zheng Yonggang said, the effect is very obvious, especially in the fourth quarter after a few counterattack, basically control the game." The game, Bai Haotian scored a team high 16 points, Shen Zijie and Li Bairun were 12 points and 13 points. It is worth mentioning that, in the event, the Shenzhen Rockets center Shen Zijie won the best dunk and best cap two awards, Liu Chunqing won the award for best defender steals. The two young players in the team will also appear in the new season, the Shenzhen team in the list.相关的主题文章: