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UnCategorized For five days or week’s stay in this beautiful city, you are better off staying in a holiday apartment with all the extras for a .fortable stay and best of all to experience .munity life. Get Invited to Lunch Italians love food and they love to share it with .plete strangers. You’d be surprised if neighbors invite to enjoy an authentic Italian meal. Be ready to eat more because the kind hosts always encourage guests to have more pasta, breads, and meat. Enjoy Italian Food Italians are respected for their cooking. Family secrets are handed down from generation to the next. Each household boasts of the best antipasti, spaghetti, and sweets. If you don’t get a lunch invitation, explore the cafes and restaurants. It would cost of course but when you’re in Italy, the expense is worth the mouth-watering succulent meats, fresh fish, and robust noodles in their sauces. Wine is always served to top a fine meal. Shopping The best souvenir of a Florence holiday is a pair of handmade leather shoes. This is the home of fine leather goods, pottery, and jewelry. However get yourself to leather center, Santa Croce or San Lorenzo. In the Ponte Vecchio are several shops catering to fashionistas and artists. Shopping for antiques, get a cab to the Via di Maggio or B.o Ognissanti. Enjoy the Art Talk about Italian art. Florence has a rich store of great art works from the different periods in its history, particularly of the renaissance masters. The Uffizi Gallery holds Florence rich store of art collection, which is one of the best in the world. Florentine art enthusiasts can view art work and other museum pieces that date back to the 13th century. Florence architecture is the pride and joy of Italy. The old but well-maintained cathedral, which was the handiwork of Arnolfo de Cambio continue to enjoy the accolades of art lovers, professionals and architecture students. If one has the energy, one can take on the challenge of clambering up the 414 steps that lead to the bell tower. Join Sightseeing Day Tours Florence is a small city. A day tour to the best sights is one way to enjoy the Florence. Tourists have a choice between a full or a half day trip that takes them to the key sights – Ponte Vechhio or better known as the old bridge that spans the Arno River, the Boboli gardens and the Pitti Palace. After all the shopping and the sight seeing, a good night’s sleep is a must. For a more relaxing stay, get a holiday apartment online before you fly to Florence. The rates are reasonable and the apartments are tastefully decorated and are located in the city. Should you decide to get an apartment in the suburbs, you can make your reservations ahead too. This eliminates the hassles of switching apartments when you want a place near the sights and activities you want to enj About the Author: 相关的主题文章: