This year, the national examination, the 2 million 115 thousand online registration of 1 million 360

The exam this year 2 million 115 thousand people online registration through the qualification of 1 million 360 thousand people – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October 25 (reporter Zhu Jichai) human resources and social security ministry spokesman Li Zhong 25, introduced 2017 institutions directly under the central authority and its civil service recruitment online registration has ended, according to preliminary statistics, a total of 2 million 115 thousand people signed up 1 million 360 thousand people through the qualification examination. The same day, the Ministry of human resources and social security held a press conference to inform the third quarter of 2016, the progress of human society work. Turning to this year’s national exam registration, Li Zhong introduction, online registration from October 15th to 24, has been officially closed. Preliminary statistics, the number of online enrollment 2 million 115 thousand people, slightly more than last year. At present, the number of qualified persons is 1 million 360 thousand. Qualification work must continue for a few days, the Ministry of human resources and social security will be completed after the qualification examination, the overall situation of the application to the public. According to the recruitment plan, the exam this year a total of more than and 120 central organs and institutions directly under the management of the civil service law and unit plan recruiting more than 2.7 people, the number of recruiting plan and in 2016 was flat. Focus on the number of applicants for some positions, some of the relatively small number of applicants or even no one to apply for the situation, Li Zhong responded that this is a very normal phenomenon. "Our analysis, some positions are the number of applicants is relatively concentrated, mainly because of the position of academic, professional work experience or other requirements of relatively broad examinee choice is relatively large." Li Zhong, this year’s recruitment of civil servants in the previous good practices on the basis of more emphasis on grassroots, provincial authorities to recruit job unless there are special requirements or special requirements, all the requirements for more than two years of grass-roots work experience. City level institutions, college graduates can apply for. For central government institutions directly under the municipal special arrangements for the following positions, the proportion of 15% for targeted recruiting has the service expires examination of qualified college-graduate village official, three of a help personnel etc.. At the same time, especially in remote areas difficult position is below the county in education, professional, work experience and other aspects, appropriate to relax the conditions, in order to further solve the difficulty in recruiting and retention problems, some jobs also allows a certain proportion, dedicated to recruit local staff or local students. Li Zhong also said that the recruitment of civil servants will be more prominent cadres of the selection criteria, outstanding, have both ability and political integrity to Germany for the first standard. "The exam is a foundation, but not to test scores to decide whether to use, more important is to make the examination and study together, to fully understand the political and moral conditions and other relevant candidates through investigation, and specialized verification of their archives, especially the educated, professional, file. Work experience and other aspects of the audit focus."相关的主题文章: