Three new board listed company breakthrough 9000 private market is expected to improve liquidity 9c8947

Three new board listed company exceeded 9000 private equity market is expected to improve the liquidity of the Xinhua News Agency Beijing September 16th news (reporter Guo Yujing, Yang Yichen) this week (September 12th to 14) 3 trading days, the National SME share transfer system (the new board) 37 new listed company. As of September 14th, the total number of three new board listed company reached 9025. This week, three new board market turnover of 2 billion 503 million yuan. Board and board making index index this week rose slightly, the index rose 0.03% points to 1152.18 board, board making index rose 0.64% to 1090.50 points, two in the year to index were low. This week, and Western superconducting pharmaceutical, Nanjing securities and root force 4 listed company turnover of more than billion yuan, of which the transfer mode to make the transfer market this week the largest western superconducting turnover amounted to 247 million yuan. The concern is, according to the Commission of deployment, this week, the national stock transfer company issued a "private institutions nationwide share transfer system making business pilot Professional Accreditation Scheme", which marks the release and implementation of market making business pilot private institutions officially launched. The purpose of this work is to enrich the new three board market maker type, private institutions to play the pricing ability to improve the liquidity of the new three board market. It is understood that the private sector to apply for market making business needs to meet certain conditions, the number of the first batch of pilot institutions does not exceed 10. Enter the new three board theme] discussion相关的主题文章: