Three suspects detained illegally in gluten in barbecue stall (video)

Barbecue gluten illegally added in borax three suspects detained newspaper news (correspondent Liu Junchen Zhao Shuangyuan Reporter Jia Zhi Min) Huangling County urban farmers market stalls three diners regardless of safety, long in the barbecue illegally added gluten containing banned borax, eventually a tumble on the eve of national day. Recently, Huangling County Public Security Bureau of food and Drug Investigation Brigade successfully cracked Deng Moumou, Liu Moumou, Yan Moumou illegal add hazards to human health food case three, protect the people’s food safety. The brigade and the county food and Drug Administration inspection found in urban areas, farmers markets operating Deng Moumou, Liu XX, Yan Moumou barbecue stalls are illegally added gluten containing banned borax, so the barbecue stalls were gluten inspection and sampling inspection. The test report showed that all the three barbecue stalls added gluten containing borax banned by the state. Police immediately seized three people’s barbecue gluten, and to their home to count the remaining gluten seized, while three people were interrogated. After investigation, households Deng Moumou, Liu Moumou, Yan Moumou three people were from July 2014, June 2014, May 2012 started in the county urban farmers market operating barbecue stalls, stalls gluten are ordered from the Jingyang somewhere, through phone orders, receive the goods after the payment to the designated account. In the face of conclusive evidence, the three confessed to the crime of illegally adding food to human health. At present, three suspects have been under administrative detention, and the case is being further dug out. Link borax with food into the human body, after the effect of gastric acid into boric acid, absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, borax content in the body will be poisoned too high. The main manifestations are heart, liver, kidney and other system damage. People who eat borax food, light people lack of appetite; vomiting, diarrhea, etc., and even erythema, circulatory system disorders, shock and other boric acid. The dose of adult poisoning was 1-3 grams, the lethal dose was 15-20 grams, and the lethal dose of infants was 5 grams. Note: video only for extended reading. Women take out 4 pounds of insects, barbecue should be more careful

烧烤摊面筋中非法添加硼砂 三名嫌疑人被拘留本报讯(通讯员刘军臣赵双元记者贾志敏)黄陵县城区农贸市场三户烧烤摊点不顾食客安全,长期在烧烤的面筋中非法添加含有国家明令禁止的硼砂,最终在国庆前夕翻了跟头。近日,黄陵县公安局食药侦大队成功破获邓某某、刘某某、闫某某非法经营添加危害人体健康的食品案三起,保障了群众的饮食安全。该大队与县食药监局在检查中发现,城区农贸市场经营户邓某某、刘某某、闫某某烧烤摊位的面筋存在非法添加含有国家明令禁止的硼砂,于是对其烧烤摊位的面筋分别进行检查并抽样送检。经检测报告显示,三户烧烤摊面筋中全部添加含有国家明令禁止的硼砂。民警立即对三人的烧烤摊面筋进行扣押,并到其家中对剩余的面筋进行清点扣押,同时对三人分别展开讯问。经调查,经营户邓某某、刘某某、闫某某三人分别从2014年7月、2014年6月、2012年5月开始在县城区农贸市场经营烧烤摊位,烧烤摊面筋都是从泾阳某处进货,通过电话联系订货,收到货后将货款打到其指定的账号上。面对确凿证据,三人对经营非法添加危害人体健康的食品案的犯罪事实供认不讳。目前,三名犯罪嫌疑人已被行政拘留,案件正在进一步深挖之中。链接硼砂随食品进入人体后经胃酸作用转为硼酸,由胃肠道吸收,体内硼砂含量过高会中毒。主要表现为心、肝、肾等系统损害。食用人为添加硼砂的食品,轻者食欲不振;重者呕吐、腹泻等,甚至出现红斑、循环系统障碍、休克等硼酸症。成人中毒剂量为1-3克,致死量为15-20克,婴儿致死量为5克。注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 女子体内取出4斤虫 食用烧烤应当多小心相关的主题文章: